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  1. The Rice Files - Closed please create individual threads
  2. 780Tuner Sighting
  3. The Drivers "Hall of Shame" Rant thread - Closed please create individual threads
  4. The Crazy Things We See - Closed please create individual threads
  5. Read this first before posting
  6. Black? S13 on 170th northbound
  7. Spotted : Mitsu legnum
  8. saw a van last night
  9. Spotted black GC8
  10. Spotted white R33 GTR
  11. Spotted: 1st gen insight
  12. idiot lane changed in a turn and cuts me off.
  13. RHD White S14 with mesh style wheels and 3 inch exhaust.
  14. Spotted; a flock of jk's
  15. North edmonton cinema's epic park job
  16. Just about got taken out by some kid in a grey Mitsu Evo
  17. Spotted: Black R32
  18. Spotted Motorbike
  19. Warning!!
  20. Close call with EPS cst
  21. Red Dodge Ram crashed on whitemud
  22. Douchebag in black S4
  23. Spotted: Gavin's SS
  24. Spotted: Grey mazda speed6
  25. Spotted: White JDM Soarer/White Sil40
  26. Spotted Red Z32 (300zx)
  27. Spotted: Nissan's out and about
  28. Spotted: Black JDM civic hatch
  29. Spotted a super car!
  30. Edmonton Rice: Dual Exhaust Toyota Echo
  31. Has anyone spotted?: Black RSX type-s
  32. Saw this baller the other day
  33. Champion parking job.
  34. Spotted: Mk2 aristo
  35. Straight Rice! Cavalier Z24
  36. spotted: R33 white skyline
  37. Black GTS R32 Skyline in Spruce Grove
  38. saw silver g35
  39. Spotted: AW X5M
  40. Spotted a PY ITR in St. Albert last night
  41. Spotted: Blue E92 M3
  42. Spotted: Dark Blue FRS
  43. Spotted: Red Mazda Maita with the convertible top down
  44. Edmonton Rice: 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse
  45. I commend the dedication to bad parking
  46. blue evo jumps curb 2am
  47. Beverly Dark Blue Skyline
  48. Hit and run :/ 104ave and 120st. Need some eyes!
  49. Spotted Blue STI @ WEM
  50. bright yellow 89 foxbody
  51. Spotted: "Evil Panda" 135i (Dinan?)
  52. Seen the: idiot recovery unit
  53. Spotted: Silver e36 M3 Spruce Grove
  54. Moron in Gray Mazda
  55. Spotted: Girly STi
  56. Environmental Friendly Ricer
  57. Spotted: Yellow Evo
  58. Cool Sunfire
  59. Spotted in front of Abbotsfield Walmart
  60. Graffiti Civic @ Stony Plain Road Walmart
  61. Fast N Slow Grand Am
  62. White Shelby GT 500 northbound on 97 ST. yesterday.
  63. Really nice truck
  64. Spotted: Silver R8 on Fox Drive
  65. Black Mkiv Supra spotted
  66. Red Jeep JK with eBay Spoiler
  67. Spotted: Red 458, amazing technique
  68. Evo 8/9 at Joeys
  69. EVO club @ sky view power center Timmy's
  70. douchebag in an Aristo
  71. Audi S4 Wagon
  72. red mazda speed3 yellowhead
  73. SPOTTED: Dark grey GT-R
  74. Spotted Audi R8 V8
  75. Spotted: Blue Genesis, yellow rims by Capilano mall.
  76. Spotted kitted Prelude at Clairview Superstore
  77. What is it with people and left turns?
  78. Driving on a bus lane
  79. Facepalm Yesterday
  80. Deception is coming!
  81. Spotted: Rx7 on flatbed trailer
  82. Saw my first squid today!!!
  83. 08+ Subaru impreza WRX
  84. Spotted: slammed mazda3 hatch
  85. Spotted: New Camaro smashing the through the gears
  86. Spotted: Bright lime green Lotus?
  87. Spotted: Recoil
  88. Spotted: Supraman
  89. BMW 330CI Kompressor?
  90. Yellow ferrd
  91. Spotted an Isuzu
  92. Spotted: Grey/charcoal 350z @ WEM
  93. Spotted slammed blue miata on st albert trail by norden vw 6 days ago
  94. Spotted blue genesis
  95. Spotted: Red NSX
  96. Somebody actually bought one...
  97. Spotted: PY ITR in St. Albert
  98. Spotted Antique two seat roadster
  99. Destroyed GL on Calgary Trail and 34st.
  100. Yo Bitch
  101. Spotted: Grey Porsche Carrera 4
  102. Early 70's mustang Mach 1
  103. STOLEN: 1998 Acura 1.6 EL
  104. Spotted: white evo V
  105. Spotted BTowns GTR
  106. White DC2 w/JDM front on Henday
  107. Spotted: QPDO's NSX
  108. Spotted spiral?
  109. Spotted: Gray evo 9
  110. Spotted: Frostflowz
  111. Side Exit Exhaust (un-muffled?) 1990s White Toyota Tercel
  112. Douchecanoe in a white cavalier this morning...
  113. Seen a Sick NSX at Hughes on Parsons Road Yesterday
  114. Now I know why the Lambo is blue!
  115. Blacked out Black Mercedes AMG
  116. To the Douchenugget in the S4, learn how to park!
  117. Parking FAILS thread
  118. It takes a severe case of mental retardation to park like this...
  119. Spotted: Flat black Dodge Caravan
  120. Spotted: Matte black Nissan Juke
  121. STOLEN: Lifted Red Jeep Grand Cherokee
  122. White Accord on Vossen CV3's
  123. Black S2000 bronze te37/lime spoke; aqua spoon brakes
  124. Red mustang w/ black racing stripes
  125. Dark grey viper st.albert trail
  126. Spotted Mazda 3
  127. White on white STi
  128. Spotted Buick GNX?
  129. Spotted white newer GTI
  130. Spotted Silver GTR
  131. Spotted: Black Nissan GT-R
  132. Spotted: Obnoxious Lowered Orange Truck
  133. spotted jarus's civic
  134. Near accident with black Ford Fusion
  135. Oh the irony...
  136. Blue Lancer Evo XI
  137. Spotted: Black Srt4
  138. Spotted: USDM White ITR on 50st
  139. If this is not rice. .I don't know what is
  140. Spotted: Aston Martin DB9
  141. Spotted: Toyota Prius Radar Unit - Groat Rd Northbound
  142. Aston Martin
  143. Gang of BA Rukuses
  144. Oh hello there Jeggo
  145. Sick neon bro
  146. Side order of rice, anyone?
  147. More rice?
  148. Spotted: White Jetta with SEVEN8TY stickers
  149. S10 Pure Rice
  150. Spotted: Ryan(M Coupe), and Btown(GTR) Also Mike(MS3)
  151. SPOTTED: White GTR @ Olive garden
  152. Spotted: Slammed white mk5 golf
  153. Spotted: Imola B7 S4
  154. Green/Black Genesis Coupe
  156. spotted: qpdo and btown.
  157. Spotted s2k
  158. Spotted: Snowboard for spolier
  159. Curtis (4b11)
  160. White s13.5(?) widebody
  161. White R34 GTT
  162. Spotted: BMW M Coupe being driven in a very sporting manner.
  163. Spotted: Beauty at the track
  164. Spotted: God's Chariot
  165. Spotted: Red RX3
  166. Black Cadilac cts
  167. Spotted Maserati MC12 Corsa
  168. Spotted: Black Cadillac CTS-V Wagon
  169. Spotted MR2 in Clairview
  170. Spotted the Volvasaur
  171. Black JDM MKIV Supra
  172. Photo radar
  173. Spotted: Jacked Up LandCruiser
  174. Convoy of Jeeps
  175. Freak accident at Jeep Show Oliver square
  176. Lexus
  177. Chameleon HotWheels Mitsubishi Lancer Wagon
  178. Canadian Tire Racing inspired cars....
  179. Home Audio Scammers
  180. Need to start carrying a box of sidewalk chalk
  181. Spotted Merc SLS AMG Roadster
  182. X5 with some alignment problems
  183. Asshat in a Ford Focus
  184. Accident on 97st 132 ave today infront of Eden VW and truck
  185. Spotted: Cool Truck
  186. Spotted: Tesla Model S
  187. Black tiberon, 780 sticker on the back.
  188. Another reason to park in the back of the lot
  189. Spotted: Halloween SS with the gimpy orange Wheels
  190. Cars you have parked beside
  191. Spotted: Black Silverado SS
  192. Ferrrrrarrrri
  193. Spotted: Bonded Design Del Sol
  194. Spotted: flack black Ducati Monster 137th ave/st.albert trail
  195. Cool MS3
  196. Spotted: CYKdcR33
  197. Wanting to Say Hi to My Neighbor
  198. Yellow S2k in St Albert
  199. EZ strikes again....
  200. Spotted: White slammed Fit on CCW's
  201. Spotted: Pink E92 3-series, green rims, lowered, pink headlights, FF Decals... wtf
  202. Spotted: newer white civic si-r sedan driving like a complete tool on Ellerslie
  203. Spotted: Red G35 coupe
  204. spotted : white e36 northside
  205. 1993 Porsche 964 White with Dubai Plates
  206. douche in the dodge dakota reg cab
  207. Spotted: The King of St. Albert
  208. Spotted: Another 1st Gen Celica
  209. Saw this genius twice yesterday.. How do these people not stopped?
  210. spotted: another super car for st.albert
  211. two clean jdms on st trail
  212. Car over by Glendale
  213. Spotted: SaDisTicEM1
  214. spotted: KLZKLA?
  215. gold R34 GTT
  216. orange aventador
  217. Who's Corolla is this??
  218. Beautiful Blue Infinity G35 - Groat South
  219. Clean M3 at Mikado
  220. The douche in the blue civic Si
  221. Clever plate on a C63
  222. Spottings 06/11/2013 :) no pics :(
  223. Fucktards on whitemud
  224. Spotted: COBB Powered white & cf Evo
  225. spotted sherman1 behind my apartment
  226. Spotted: Silver S14a
  227. Spotted: Widebody NSex
  228. Spotted: Double parked Red Ferrari 458 Italia
  229. Spotted: "Stanced" Honda Civic Hatchback
  230. New record!
  231. Blue and Black Ford Focus
  232. there is always one
  233. Spotted: Camaro converted to modern day concept Firebird/TA. And others.
  234. Turbo prelude alley behind Saskatchewan drive
  235. Spotted Boosted EG Black
  236. spotted black lamborghini aventador.
  237. Spotted: Ferrari 458 and Mclaren MP4-12C - both matte black
  238. Yellow turbo Viper
  239. Orangey-Bronze Mclaren MP4-12C
  240. Black M Convertible?
  241. Murcielago broke down on Henday
  242. Spotted: JEGGO G35
  243. Spotted: S2K and GT-R
  244. Ladder Van on Henday
  245. Spotted: Audi R8
  246. Spotted: BMW 1M
  247. Spotted: Lowered VWs
  248. Spotted: Few Imports on Gateway
  249. Spotted: Expedition Trucks
  250. Spotted: AC Cobra