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July 25th, 2014, 06:24 PM
Recently there was a discussion with respect to Blue Line Racing on the Caffeine and Octane Facebook page. Members of Blue Line were extremely disappointed with some of the information that was stated, and, on the other hand extremely happy with some of the support received by other posters (780Tuner's members).

We intentionally waited to provide a response as we wanted to insure we were speaking on fact instead emotion, as some of the statements made did frustrate us.

We wanted to post a response on the Facebook page, however, we are not members of Caffeine and Octane FB page, nor are we the greatest with social media in general. Feel free to repost the following quote on our behalf.

After having a chance to review the comments, we feel that there are too many assumptions and misinformation with respect to Blue Line Racing Association.

Blue Line Racing (BLR) was established in 1996 and introduced the Street Legal program to the Edmonton Area in 1997. BLR wants to thank everyone who has attended and continues to attend Street Legal at Castrol Raceway. Thank you for doing your part in keeping racing off the streets.

We have received an e-mail from Nicole and will be responding to it in due course, however to address several points previously mentioned:

A comment was made with respect to us attending a Beat the heat event in Las Vegas. Blue Line Racing is part of an international organization called “Beat the Heat Inc.” Attendance at these events is one of the benefits of the program for the members of BLR. However, attendance at a Beat the Heat event provides an opportunity to meet up with other Police Officers who run programs across the US and Canada and compare notes. It helps gain a greater understanding of the various issues that other programs have and how we can learn from them and their mistakes and triumphs. In addition attendance at large international events also garners a lot of attention for the City of Edmonton, our facilities (Castrol Raceway), program Partners and our various sponsors. Because of our attendance at the Beat the heat event in Las Vegas, we were able to convince LA County Sherriff Scott Graham (LASD Motorsports) to attend the Rocky Mountain Nationals this year. This was a huge draw for the track and the community as whole.

It was stated that we have a fee for attending charity shows. We have never charged for an attendance at a show. Although none of the members of BLR recall any such conversation we will be attempting to ascertain who made such statements, we want to ensure this type of miscommunication does not happen again. We also feel it prudent to point out that we have assisted in raising funds for various charities, including, but not limited to: the Stollery Children’s hospital, Kids with Cancer, Cops for Cancer, STARS, Humane Society, Edmonton Police Foundation and the Food Bank.

It was further stated that BLR needs to have a greater presence in the Community. To date BLR has had over 30 appearances for 2014 with another 20 tentative. We do agree that we would like to attend more events. In an effort to make additional events we have taken on a new member, however, as pointed out by others, BLR is run solely on a volunteer basis. All the members of BLR have to balance Work, Social, Marital, and Volunteer life. We are not paid by the Edmonton Police Service to attend these events. Every year we are approached with myriad of request to attend various shows. Unfortunately we have to pick and choose what we commit ourselves too. In order to keep our program viable, we must consider both the community impact and sponsor needs. If we have not responded to a request it is merely and oversight and not intentional.

With respect the education side of BLR, We have partnered with Office of Traffic Safety and AMA, for both brain injury awareness campaigns and distracted driving campaigns. We even provide presentations at high schools around grad time with respect to our motto “If you want to race, the street is not the place.”

For more information about BLR, feel free to check out our website,www.bluelineracing.ca Send us a PM on www.780tuners.com (BLOCKER), Check out our Facebook page, or just say “hi” at one of the many shows we attend.