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Cyanide Ride
February 19th, 2002, 02:38 AM
Here are a few glittering emails posted from the Main SE-R list about the performance of the Kuhmo ECSTA 712 tires by drivers ranging from track road racers to autocrossers:

ps. prices quoted are all US figures.

Juan Cardenas :

I don't know what everyone is talkinga bout, I've had
mines for 15k or so right now, and they are amazing.
for $240 with overnight shipping my 205-55-16's are
the best tires in the price range, and even in higher
ranges as well. They are amazing in the rain, and
decent at the track except when really warm. My auto
B15 really likes it, even with the old N2O setup,

Branden Baune:

I have them on my 240 in 215/40/17 and I love them, I don't see what you guys mean when you say that they are noisy, mine are quiet as hell, I have the softer one's. On my mom's G20 she has the harder ones in 205/50/15, they work good for her but they don't seem nearly as good as the softer one's. We also have the 205/40/17's on my dads SE-R, they are much better than the previous NT450's that were on there, but what isn't. I would recommend these tires to anyone.

Nathan Morrison:

i ordered 4 712s from my local discount tire for 280 bucks... including lifetime mounting and balancing. i only intend to use them on the street so my only requirement is that they hold air.... grip is only an added bonus!!!

Ray Kawski:

I'll add a little bit here because I like the Yokohama AVS
Intermediate as well.

Wet traction the Kukmo's are better.
Treadlife is better with the Kuhmos.
The AVS's are a little better in the dry though.

This is all really moot because you can't get the
AVS's anymore. ;-(

Stefan Bauroth:

Three words: BUY THE KUMHO'S.
The tires are great, I absolutley love them. Some people will tell you that there are better tires on the market; however, they will also cost you 2 or 3X as much. It all comes down to "best bang for the buck" in that case the Kumhos win hands down. Hey, if cost was no object I'm sure we all would
have a Porsche 911 GT2 sitting in our driveways instead of our SE-R's. (I personally would keep my se-r if had a 911).

Ben Davis:

I have had these tires on my car(s) for about a year now and I love them. They are so inexpensive and handle wonderfully. My $120 a piece Toyo Proxies T1+ tires cornered as well, but were 10x worse in the rain and straightline traction. I highly recommend the Z-rated 712s. Steve Linn has the V-rated
ones and hates them for autocrossing so take that comment as you want. The only downside is that they are very noisy for cruising. You get used to it though.

Me, BlueTurboEGG (Andy)

I personally, haven't made too much of a fuss about the road noise, because I've had only Dunlop SP8000's before them, so I'm quite used to road noise.

Grip is very good (many 80+kms on Jasper where the end turns into 123rd street) Performance in the rain is on par or better than the Dunlops, what else can I say, but buy the ZR rated tires, stay away from the VR... Get 'em, have fun while saving money.