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Thread: Most recent shot of your car!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAMzG35 View Post
    That's so cool. Where is this track?
    Shelton, WA

    Quote Originally Posted by KennyJames View Post
    what app are you using to track your time/angle etc?
    It's the Performance Data Recorder that's built into my car. Available on Cadillac V-Series, Corvettes, and Camaros.

    Quote Originally Posted by seevik View Post
    The ridge is fun. That's an awesome trip. I don't know if I'd do it without trailering a car.
    I was honestly considering towing the car down, but I don't own a trailer. And given that my car is stock I didn't think there was a big risk of breaking something.

    Quote Originally Posted by the_fornicator View Post
    Aaaaaaaaaabd it's almost always raining at the ridge.
    Definitely lucked out. Woulda been hating life if I drove that far to do a wet day haha

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    Love washing this thing... the shine. I love the shine.
    Quote Originally Posted by AudiInProgress View Post
    MMMMMMMmmmmm. Your voice makes me moist.

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