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Thread: For Sale: JDM 1990 CR-X SiR

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    Default For Sale: JDM 1990 CR-X SiR

    For Sale:

    1990 Honda CR-X SiR

    Vehicle Features:
    - SiR Model (VERY RARE!)
    - Japanese Import, RHD
    - 5-Speed Standard
    - 109xxx Kms on Chasis
    - Unknown Kms on Engine
    - B16A1 Engine
    - Yellow
    - Black Interior

    SiR Features:
    - SiR Front end
    - Glasstop
    - Leather Seats
    - Climate Control
    - A/C (Removed)
    - Power Steering (Removed)
    - Rear Seat
    - Beefier Suspension
    - SiR Spoiler
    - SiR Tail lights
    - Power Windows

    Added features:
    - Mugen Style bodykit (uninstalled, fiberglass front, Wings West poly sides and rear)
    - Shocks and lowering springs
    - ITR style shift knob
    - Megan Racing short shifter
    - Front and rear strut tower bars
    - Powdercoated yellow valve cover
    - 4x Buddyclub P1 16" Wheels in flat black
    - 2x Buddyclub P1 15" Wheels in gunmetal grey
    - Carbon fiber look steering wheel
    - Megan Racing gauges (Boost, oil temp, water temp, oil pressure)
    - AEM wideband 02 sensor
    - Chipped ECU
    - Greddy Timing Belt
    - Seibon Carbon Fiber vented hood
    - Compustar 3000ft range 2-Way Starter/Alarm

    Things to Note:
    - Does not run
    - Rad support trimmed to fit dual core aluminum rad
    - Has rust starting on the rear fenders, and a spot on the bottom of one door

    The story behind the vehicle:

    I have been the only Canadian owner of this vehicle since it was imported in late 2005. It has been turbo'd, and has been modified under the hood to support this. It is currently not turbo'd, but I will be including any and all turbo parts I have leftover to help the next owner bring her back to her former boosted glory.

    I never got her to the track in her prime, but she did run a 14.1 @ 104mph in 2006. The last run at the track in August 2007 blew the headgasket. She was disassembled, turbo setup sold, and parked. The vehicle has been parked since this time. I rebuilt the engine to get it running N/A, but was unsuccessful in getting it started. I cannot verify if it is the tuning, ECU map, timing, or other issues. Unfortunately I have not and will not have the time to diagnose it.

    The vehicle is NOT running.

    It is located about 45kms north of Edmonton, so don't waste my time if you're not serious about taking this vehicle home. It can be towed with a tow bar.

    Entertaining offers!

    The Pictures:

    Some of there are a few years old:

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    Jeff Baker

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    Jeff Baker

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    Jeff Baker

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    i'll give you $620 cash tomorrow

    thats about what its worth right now.

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    you want 6200 for a crx that doesn't run..

    how many engines did this thing go through btw?

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    Please have a little respect guys. I'm not looking for opinions.
    Jeff Baker

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    Was the vehicle turbo before it was imported ?
    How long has this vehicle been parked ?
    Have you considered swapping the block yourself to sell ?

    This could be a very nice CRX, unfortunately someone seemed to have thought wise to add stickers and ''Carbon Fibre'' Everywhere possible, I think your asking price is a bit much personally, considering this vehicle does not run, the body not in great condition by any means nor is the interior , and you can't confirm how many kms are on the block or what the problem is with it.

    I can only speak for myself but this vehicle would be alot more attractive if it ran even if it's on a stock block. Right now this is just an expensive lawn decoration.
    \'hope for the best, prepare for the worst\'

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    Thought about it, have no time. It is priced high, to leave room for negotiations. Serious offers will be taken. It's not doing me any good sitting.

    Been parked indoors since August 2007. Fluids have been changed every year.

    She was imported N/A and stock.
    Jeff Baker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jadran View Post
    you want 6200 for a crx that doesn't run..

    how many engines did this thing go through btw?
    Not as many as mine! :P
    Quote Originally Posted by M5 BoosT View Post
    Ew asian chicks are nasty...and stupid

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