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Thread: For Sale: JDM 1990 CR-X SiR

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    your price is really out to lunch for a 20 year old honda that doesn't run, and isn't even in that good of shape. for all you know a rat has made a nest out of the wiring harness and its an electrical nightmare to get this thing working again. if it was a simple solution to get the car running, odds are in the last 3 years you woulda figured it out.

    and it doesn't even have any mods worth mentioning to justify the high price. lowering springs, a ill fitting cf hood, and rims aren't really sweetening the deal... and listing a thousand 'mods' that are worth $20 each doesn't really actually constitute a mod worth mentioning, or justify the price either.

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    baker to put in prospective. we just bought a car for a customer thats is mint no rust on it at all CF hood koni yellos and Hr springs. sir seats.

    I add no rust what so ever. and it was 2500. still out landish but cheaper then flying 2 guys to BC to go pick one up .

    lil heads up for you
    good luck

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    Hmm, I was hoping the rarity of a genuine SiR model would keep the price up...

    Anyway, like I've mentioned, serious offers will be heard. Even if they are seriously lower than I'd like to get, cash in hand will be the ultimate way to make me part with this car.

    Jeff Baker

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    Will seriously entertain offers as low as $4000, I'll be keeping the matching set of wheels.
    Jeff Baker

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    This is a rare honda... You dont see glasstop SIR CRXs all the time. I personally have never seen one.

    Canada has done some damage... If it looked like the pic where its still original, I would say 6k is fair. I say either make it look respectable and get it running, or part it out.

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    Default how much for the car???

    since it dont run give me a suitable price

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    I'm just gonna bump this up... car is now an antique LOL! Taking offers. It's in storage and can stay there until spring if required.
    Jeff Baker

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    Quote Originally Posted by baker_jeff View Post
    I'm just gonna bump this up... car is now an antique LOL! Taking offers. It's in storage and can stay there until spring if required.
    What's the rust like now? I'd give you 1500 for it sight unseen. - Northern Alberta Sports Car Club - wanna go racing? Come to a club meeting!

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    Holy Jesus ! I haven't seen this in AGES!!

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