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Thread: 780 Cookbook

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    Three different types of salmon made easy but the baking remains the same

    Clean Salmon fillets
    Pre- Heat oven to 370*C (this is the optimal temperature for my shitty ass oven, YMMV)
    Spray non-stick into two (or three oven proof baking corningware casserole dish)
    Cut salmon into preferred sizes and place in dishes
    Smear sauce of choice on the top and sides of each fillet
    Bake for 20-25 min depending on your preference.

    Sauces I usually use are:

    Garlic black bean sauce Salmon (usually found in the asian section of superstore for a few bucks)
    Sometimes, just some smoked sea salt is fine served with a side of lemon, dill, and mayo whipped together.
    Teriyaki sauce
    Korean style BBQ sauce

    This same formula also makes chicken very well (thighs, back removed from Costco)

    Only thing that varies is the baking time, after 25 min, I usually start to babysit every 5 min to make sure they are not overdone.

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    This recipe is stellar.

    ^--- the ones I made last night. Seriously beat the meat. Hard. Numerous times. Gets the air out, makes it more dense. Then cool it off after it's cooked - it slices a lot better, fry it up and savour it.

    Oh, and triple the recipe for meat. I always make 3lb of donair meat minimum. Worst case scenario is you have some leftover and make donair poutine the next day.

    On that note, make 4lb.

    Doesn't get much better than serving up guests the meat that you beat with a little sweet sauce that you whisked.
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    Cooking adventure of the day.. a beautiful caesar full of garnishes was sent to me, and I thought… I need to make my own.

    Four hour marinated wings, hot and honey garlic, alongside cactus cut potatoes and sliders.

    Hot wings

    Honey Garlic Wings

    Cactus Cut Potatoes

    Burgers - My own recipe

    Caesar… 2.5oz gin, hot sauce, Worcester sauce and clamato juice.

    Turned out really… really well.
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    I have a "lazy ribs" recipe.

    In a big fuck-off sized pot, I throw in 4 racks of ribs (you can do any number of racks), fill with water, add a bunch of salt to make a brine (I like 5-8%), brown sugar, black and red pepper corns, white pepper corns, star of anise, bay leaves, some cloves, garlic powder, and onion powder. Don't have to add a ton -all depends on the amount of water. Doesn't have to be crazy since this is essentially your brine. Fill the pot up with water enough to sufficiently cover the ribs.

    Bring the water to a boil. Once at a boil, turn to medium low to get a slow boil. Leave the ribs in there for 2-2.5 hours.

    Throw the ribs on an over tray rib side up, slather with BBQ sauce and bake @ 400F for 0.5 hrs. After 0.5 hrs, flip with the meat side up, slather more BBQ sauce and pop back in the oven for 0.5 hrs. Done. (I make sure to add a bunch of extra BBQ sauce on the ends/tips to prevent shit from drying out). Bam done. Fall-off-the-bone tender.

    p.s. I highly suggest cattleboyz BBQ sauce.

    edit: I assume you'r prepped your ribs first before putting in water (i.e. remove silverback and trim)
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    My mother cooks ribs like that. She uses coke and ketchup for th sauce and it is a great easy easy if doing it. I do the 3-2-1 method on my egg. Works the best but itís time consuming.
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    This thread is making me hungry!

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