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Thread: Post your latest purchase thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by befarrer View Post
    Why do you need a truck for towing? I can't see a race bike on a trailer weighing much. I towed a 17ft Bayliner behind my v6 Chrysler 300, pulled just fine at 100km/h with 4 adults from Saskatchewan. I also pulled a small tent trailer to Vancouver island, got decent fuel mileage too, 25mpg or so if I recall. Got a 16 Cherokee right now, its rated to tow 4000lbs.
    my current trailer is not bad. my little kia tows it no problem. would i want to take it through the mountains? not really. tow 2 bikes, plus additional gear to go with it? definitely not.

    I'd like an enclosed trailer for the race bike if i keep racing. not only that, its super convenient to have the box for all my track crap.

    we also have a boat i'd like to be able to tow, which most crossovers and small SUVs are not rated to tow

    like i said directly below that, i really only need something that can two my bike, which is not much. anything larger is more so convenience

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    weird, my shifter and bushings are already here, fastest i think i've ever gotten anything, now to find time to install
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