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Thread: Post your latest purchase thread

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    When I worked at Scotford, I was going through $100+/week. Driving from the Southside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blam View Post
    man, i dunno how you guys do it.

    i fill up weekly, usually thursdays for some reason. regular. 40L. and get about 500kms. thats more than i care to spend on gas.

    at the same time i want a truck, for truck things, and keep my current car for daily commute to work because i cant come to terms with the gas cost on a larger vehicle.
    I just bought a 300k Impreza now that my commute is 45 minutes one way. I still don't think its going to cut it, I'm thinking 90's civic that can knock down 50mpg is in order.

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    I got 318 kms out of 60L of premium fuel haha
    2010 Jeep SRT8 aka Boris / 2G Toyota 4Runner (22RE) aka Gandalf / 4G 4Runner (2UZFE) aka Blacky Chan / 2007 CBR600RR (race bike)

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_fornicator View Post
    Aww man, I wouldn't have it any other way. I fucking love that jeep with the borla exhaust.

    This is my tone now -it might change if I get a contract back downtown haha Current contract is less than a 5 min drive from my house and I'm still filling up once a week lol I drive into the city (like 34th ave) every lunch hour so that offsets the fuels savings having to work close to my house. It might be a good excuse to pick up a wrx or something down the road. Looking to get stupid and am eyeballing procharger supercharge kits for the wk1. That will be silly fun.
    i had Magnaflow on mine. Sounded awesome. Still can't beat the Corsa though. I'm very seriously considering giving back my woman's 2014 Lexus now that lease is up. Giving her my 2016 Lexus and us sharing it as much as possible. Then just getting a 2006 Charger SRT8 as my daily. Toss a cam in it and some decent exhaust.

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