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Thread: OFFICIAL - Season Opener - May 5, 2012

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    Default OFFICIAL - Season Opener - May 5, 2012

    Just to let everybody aware, we're planning on having the raffle draws at 8:30. I must say, there is pretty superb prizes donated this year. But we're going to throw a lot of the prizes together in gift bags so this doesn't drag on like prior years.

    Noting a few of the donations:
    780Tuners is donating all the food!
    Continental Tires - Full Set of tires again.
    Autoobsessed has donated another cleaning kit + other goodies.
    Blackout Tinting has donated gift certificates.
    Certified Radio has donated a full interior detail.
    CCD Technologies Ltd. has donated tool kits.
    Illmotion will be bringing gift bags full of swag.

    ... and much more!

    FINALLY, a date/time when the opener will be. Mark your calendars! Other things of interest is that any donation over $20 will not only get a tax receipt after you fill out your information but a wrist band in the colors of the ALS. At the same time, minimum $2 donation will get you that bracelet, still. First come first serve.

    For any ideas/comments/questions/etc their is a open thread. (In the locker room).

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