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Thread: **Marketplace Rules **

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    Default **Marketplace Rules **

    **Marketplace Rules**

    1. Posting in the market place:
    (a) Vehicle Sales:
    (i) Subject line must contain direct relation to your post.
    Example: (Good) "FS: 2003 Infiniti G35 6-speed Coupe" | (Bad) "FS: Black Car"
    (ii) NO "testing waters" threads. If you‘re going to post an item, please have the intention of selling it.
    (iii) If you're posting a WTB post, you must be specific on what you are looking for (Model, Make)
    Example: (Good) "WTB: 2003-2005 Infiniti G35 6-speed Coupe" | (Bad) "WTB: car around $5000"
    (iv) All threads must have a asking price.
    (v) In any description of a FS thread; CANNOT have only a link to a kijiji add. You must post the detailed information.
    (vi) Private sales of vehicles are limited to THREE (3) vehicles per Year per user. If a user is selling more than THREE (3) vehicles within 365 days, they will be warned & then banned.
    (vii) All adds MUST use and contain the following formatting and information:

    Vehicle Details
    Year : (Required Info)
    Make and Model : (Required Info)
    Exterior Color : (Required Info)
    Interior Color : (Required Info)
    Auto or Manual? : (Required Info)
    Odometer Reading : (Required Info)
    Location of Vehicle : (Required Info)
    Kijiji link : (Optional)
    Asking Price : (Required Info)
    Description :
    - (Required Info)

    Contact Information
    Phone : (Optional)
    E-Mail : (Optional)

    Pictures : Example

    (b) General Marketplace Rules:
    (i) Illegally copied media (CD, DVD, Video, Games, etc.) // No Drug paraphernalia & other illegal sales activities (i.e. scalping) may be posted for sale and will not be allowed to be sold in the Marketplace.
    (ii) Only ONE "up/bump/ttt” per week. - Your post will be deleted without warning, and you may be subject to a possibility of a warning / ban; at the discretion of the administrator(s) / moderator(s).
    (iii) In any description of a FS thread; CANNOT have only a link to a kijiji add. You must post the detailed information.
    (iv) There will be NO solicitation on the public forums from commercial establishments nor from users selling multiple items for profit. Any form of solicitation from a member that has a vested interest in generating profit will be warned as per rules. If you are interested in becoming a forum sponsor, please contact a member of the moderation team.

    2. Replying in thread(s):
    (a) No lowballing. Please respect sellers and only post serious offers. Any posted offers deemed as “lowballs” or beyond reasonable judgment may be deleted. Not everything can be had for a "deal".
    (b) Do not post negative comments in someones "For Sale" thread.
    (c) Do not post your own goods and/or services for sale in someone else’s post.
    (d) Absolutely NO GLWS/Third party bumps in any posts, this is not a sightings thread. Keep it on topic. For meeting up with a seller please keep it private message. Your replies will be deleted without warning.
    (e) In any "Vehicle For Sale" thread, all replies have to be in relation of an intent to purchase the sellers vehicle(s). Any other replies must be taken to PM (Private Messaging).
    (i) Your post will be deleted without warning
    (ii) At the discretion of the moderator you may recieve a warning; or in multiple cases of warnings can lead up to a suspension and/or ban

    3. Disclaimer(s):
    (a) 780Tuners accepts NO responsibility for any trade, sale, purchase or transaction of any nature that takes place on these forums. Use these forums at your own risk.
    (b) Consequences will be dealt out on a case by case basis as admin/mods see fit.
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