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Thread: Why is it so hard to find sponsors!

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    Default Why is it so hard to find sponsors!

    thrillride3.jpg944_2011_indy.jpgHi all. While I have some sponsors it feels like a overly hard job to find and keep them. I race my 944 in Indy, ice race, I have a chump car. I take a car in the downtown parade and attend car shows. So for the most part, my sponsors get advertising outside of any actual racing but the exposure is in the many 10's of thousands of people. In addition I probably have early onset tunnel carpel from handing out pens, coupons, etc.

    I find a sponsor to trade product, for example Canar rock products was on board for years, I landscaped my yard and now that I dont need product we could not agree on how to keep them on board. So I seem to have turnover, like the window guys who did my house and are no longer with me.

    I think I have a decent way of helping sponsors with displays, etc and my attitude and approach isnt the problem I dont think.

    I know the obvious things, yes its probably a long hard road ( but I keep hoping for a easier answer ) and I dont have a business so I dont have any of those business contacts that would probably help. I do see a few racers doing really well and when I look at what they do for their sponsors I far surpase their efforts, yet they continue to do better than I with sponsorship revenue.

    So crticism, advice, harsh words, bring it on. With Castrol opening up soon that might open up a few opportunities but really there isnt much in the way of spectators so the shows and events that I do outside of racing I think is still my programs selling points.
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    Have you ever thought about a vehicle wrap ?
    If you don't know the difference then look it up rather than guessing. Mind your grammar or you're going to look foolish. Too late to find two more examples.

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    I actually asked my graphics sponsor the cost of a vehicle wrap today. I was given a car thats compelty wrapped for Super 8 \ Ramada. But they are sponsoring another team and I have to pull the wrap off the entire car and find a new sponsor as I just found out this week that they decided that cant fit my car into their marketing efforts.

    But in order to do a wrap I actually need long term sponsors. I have found that peeling off a sponsor decal and adding a new one is easiest.

    As for grammer, your right, but my grammer sucks and if I knew my mistakes I wouldnt make them. I guess I can get someone to proof read anything I send to a sponsor.
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    You need to be able to show a return on investment for them. Unless you can, you're out of luck, probably.

    My Dad runs his 944 Turbo S in the Indy as well (GT2 winner this year) and his sponsors usually will offer a discount on work in return for decals on the car (for the paint job, for instance). Other sponsors just throw money at him to put decals on his car. In most of those cases, they're sponsoring him because he's given them tons of business in the year, not because they believe he'll actually give them a return on the investment they've made.

    Honestly, unless you're a professional racer, there's very little payback on sponsorships unless you're the main sponsor of a race series / track (like Castrol) or you're a constant winner in the races. The other thing is, you need to have spectators that are there purely to watch, not to participate, since those are the "customers" that might actually see the sponsor decals on your car and buy from them because of it. Ice racing (for instance) isn't a huge spectator sport. Only the Indy race was truly a spectator sport (thousands of people).

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    Trading services\product has worked well for me in the past. That approach gets me something and costs the sponsor little, it does result in high turnover. And I hear what your saying, I dont have a business and I do not have those contacts so I actually have to have some value in my program compared to others.

    I also agree, other than Indy there is no spectator base for the racing I do. Thats why I do the parade, car shows and get the car on display.

    I know your dad, my car blew out a castor block bushing at Indy and Ive bought a bunch of new parts to fix the very poor handling of this car. I sat in his car at Indy to get sense of the helmet clearance possible in a 944 as I feel to cramped in my car with the bolt in cage. I drove another 944 at a autocross and it made me realize how bad my car is on the track, but I always suspected that it has a serious issue with the handling setup. Its too bad for me I spent money on parts and not seat time because I need that also.
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    Aside from my frustration, hopefully this thread will help the other racers. Everyone will tell you that its near impossible to get sponsors at thsi level of racing. It is possible, but its a ton of work. With Castrol opening up there are many out there that want to get into this, sponsorship is a way to make it happen. If your lucky you know people, if your not you have to really work at it like I am trying to do.

    So any advice here hopefully helps get more cars to the track in 2013.

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    sponsorship is all about who you know. plain and simple

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    Quote Originally Posted by KennyJames View Post
    sponsorship is all about who you know. plain and simple

    Trying to get a decent amount of sponsorship money when we have no real racing series here is pretty much a waste of time/effort. The NASCC races have zero exposure to the public (other than the indy but since thats gone lets not dwell there) so what do you have to offer the company for their investment? Nada. Sweet FA.

    Get into drifting, everyone loves to watch that shit, then re-align the car and go back to the track to race.

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    -the longer you live

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    Pretty much what deans and Kenny said. IMO I don't look for sponsors cuz I don't see a ton of value for them and its not worth the return on investment of time. 99% is who u know here.

    Although I did get a token sponsorship from Mazda so that's a start. I have my own theories on what would actually be of value to a company around here and it who sees the car on the track doesn't factor into that. It's about image, not exposure.

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