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Thread: FS: 1985 RA64 Celica Turbo - Fully Built **Price drop**

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    Exclamation FS: 1985 RA64 Celica Turbo - Fully Built **Price drop**


    Vehicle Details
    Year : 1985
    Make and Model : Toyota Celica GT
    Exterior Color : Black/Grey
    Interior Color : Red
    Auto or Manual? : Manual
    Odometer Reading : 344000
    Location of Vehicle : Vancouver BC
    Asking Price : $SOLD

    Email :

    My 85 RA64 Celica Turbo (Hatch). This is a highly modified street car that has seen a lot of time, money, & care put into it.
    The entire vehicle is composed of high quality, functional parts, with excellent fit, finish, installation & purpose. Many of these components have been custom fabricated for ideal fit/finish + integration. I am only selling to move onto a new chassis. This is not a hack-job, junk yard turbo set up. This is truly a "complete package", including fully built / forged motor (right down to custom oil squirters), SDS full stand-alone engine management, beautiful equal length tubular exhaust manifold, massive Spearco intercooler core with proper shrouding (custom built out of light weight aluminum), custom hammer-finished 2.5" mandrel bent boost piping, full 304 Stainless Steel 3" turbo-back exhaust system (3" mandrel bent downpipe, 3" straight pipe with axle-back dump), 7.5" Supra LSD-equipped rear end + rear disk brake assemblies, Custom 1-piece light weight drive shaft, 16x8J ARE (manufactured by Enkei, Made in Japan) 2 piece meshies (polished lips, silver faces) wrapped in 245/45/R16 Sumitomo HTRZ II's, etc.

    Absolute blast to drive. Sounds unbelievable at idle, & better yet under WOT load. Pulls very, very hard, has no problem throwing out the rear, lighting up tires, & getting you into trouble.

    Ran a 12.9 second 1/4 mile time @ 111 MPH @ 10 PSI.

    For most of my ownership, it's been run off the wastegate spring (7 PSI). Currently tuned running 12 PSI.

    ★ General Specs -

    ☆ 1985 RA64 Celica (Hatch)
    ☆ Manual 5 speed
    ☆ Rear-wheel drive
    ☆ Turbocharged
    ☆ 2 + 2 seating
    ☆ Red exterior w/ black trim
    ☆ Black / grey cloth interior
    ☆ LSD-equipped (Supra 7.5" rear)
    ☆ Front / rear disk brakes
    ☆ Fully built 2400cc 22RE (converted to 22RE-T)
    ☆ Incredibly clean inside & out, mechanically & cosmetically
    ☆ Power steering
    ☆ Power mirrors
    ☆ Cruise control
    ☆ Manual crank windows
    ☆ Manual locks
    ☆ Pop-up headlamps


    ★★ ENGINE:

    Cylinder Head:
    ☆ Crane 282* camshaft
    ☆ Ported / Polished head
    ☆ SS intake / exhaust valves
    ☆ LC engineering valve spring set
    ☆ Custom camshaft oil squirters
    ☆ LC engineering pro head stud set
    ☆ MLS head gasket
    ☆ Metal timing chain guides
    ☆ Brush polished valve cover w/ brand new gaskets
    ☆ All-Star performance baffled oil catch tank w/ K&N breather filter, anodized Earl's -AN fittings, & brand new lines

    Short Block:
    ☆ Mahle forged pistons (OEM bore)
    ☆ Recently replaced piston rings
    ☆ Forged Crower rods
    ☆ Clevite main bearings
    ☆ Clevite rod bearings
    ☆ Clevite thrust bearings
    ☆ Brand new front / rear crank seals


    ☆ Rebuilt Turbonetics T04 turbo-charger (H-3 Compressor, 0.69, ceramic coated hot side)
    ☆ Internal wastegate with upgraded actuator
    ☆ Custom equal lenth tubular manifold (Ceramic coated) w/ 1.625" primary runners into T3-flanged collector
    ☆ Full 3" custom mandrel bent stainless steel downpipe (Ceramic coated)
    ☆ Full 3" stainless steel straight-pipe exhaust, dumping post-axle
    ☆ Custom hard feed line
    ☆ Custom hard return line
    ☆ Massive Spearco front-mount intercooler core
    ☆ Air is directly ducted to the IC via custom-built aluminum shrouding
    ☆ Custom mandrel bent 2.5" boost piping (hammer-finish powdercoat), integrated into the rad support for OEM fit/finish
    ☆ Rebuilt (seals + insulators + pintle caps) Bosch 500cc injectors
    ☆ K&N intake filter feeding 4" intake tube
    ☆ Brake booster heat-shield
    ☆ Bosh in-line AUX fuel pump w/ Earl's fittings
    ☆ Brand new in-tank Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump + brand new inline fuel filter


    ☆ SDS EM-1E Full stand alone engine management system (neatly mounted in glove box)
    ☆ GM 3 BAR map sensor replaces the restrictive OEM airflow meter
    ☆ SDS manual boost controller (very nicely integrated into dash)
    ☆ SDS on-the-fly fuel enrichment dial (again, nicely integrated into dash)
    ☆ Brand new NGK spark plug leads
    ☆ Brand new NDK BKR7E spark plugs
    ☆ Brand new OEM distrubutor cap / rotor / O-ring
    ☆ Optima Red Top battery (In brand new Taylor Vertex battery box, mounted in hatch)


    ☆ KYB GR2 shocks / springs on all 4 corners
    ☆ Supra 7.5" LSD rear end (3.73 gears)
    ☆ Custom 1-piece light-weight drive shaft
    ☆ Complete Supra rear disk brake assemblies (calipers coated red)
    ☆ Hawk HPS brake pads
    ☆ OEM brake rotors
    ☆ Tilton Solid center metallic disc
    ☆ Upgraded performance pressure plate
    ☆ Brand new slave cyclinder
    ☆ Brand new master cylinder
    ☆ Upgraded Wilwood High-Temp 570 brake fluid

    ★★ WHEELS / TIRES:

    ☆ 2-piece ARE (Manufactured by ENKEI, made in Japan) mesh wheels -- Polished barrels + center caps w/ silver faces
    ★ 16x8J et0 Non-staggered, front/rear (includes all 4 center caps)
    ☆ Sumitomo HTRZ II tires --
    ★ 245/45/R16 Non-staggered, front/rear (with painted type)
    ☆ Red anodized valve stem caps

    ★★ BODY:

    ☆ Custom slot-vented hood (welded metal-work)
    ☆ OEM black lip / trim recently restored
    ☆ Stock body - Nothing has been cut, drilled, riveted or destroyed in any way

    ★★ INTERIOR:

    ☆ CRUISE (Sapporo, Japan) anodized pink aluminum shift knob
    ☆ Autometer boost gauge (2 5/8") mounted to lower A-pillar in single mounting cup
    ☆ Vintage Autometer narrowband (43mm) mounted to left-side gauge cluster
    ☆ Discontinued 350mm Grant CORSA steering wheel (top model) w/ black anodized spokes + Black leather wrap / black stitching
    ☆ Grant steering wheel hub adapter
    ☆ Complete OEM interior (dash, door panels, carpeting, rear seats, etc.)
    ☆ Multi-way adjustable cloth front seats (grey)
    ☆ Cloth rear seats (grey)
    ☆ Slide-out rear luggage privacy cover (removable - OEM option)
    ☆ Brand new (still has packaging plastic on it) Taylor Vertex vented battery box (mounted in rear hatch)
    ☆ Optima Red Top battery
    ☆ Authentic OEM Toyota thin rubber floor mats
    ☆ AutoKing pedal set

    ★★ STEREO:

    ☆ JVC touch-screen double DIN in-dash DVD / MP3 / USB head unit (w/ proprietary iPod-in cable + functionality)
    ☆ Complete JBL component speakers all around
    ☆ Bassworx 12" sub
    ☆ Bassworx amp
    ☆ Shallow-mount sealed sub box


    ☆ Oil changed every 2-3000 km's with full synthetic 5W40 (Amsoil, Castrol, Royal Purple) + OEM filters (or synthetic K&N)
    ☆ Brand new front / rear crank seals
    ☆ Brand new serpentine belt
    ☆ Brand new valve cover gasket set w/ half-moons
    ☆ Brand new oil catch can lines
    ☆ Brand new oil catch can breather
    ☆ Brand new NGK spark plugs
    ☆ Brand new NGK spark plug leads
    ☆ Brand new distrubutor cap
    ☆ Brand new distributor rotor
    ☆ Brand new slave cylinder
    ☆ Brand new master cylinder
    ☆ Freshly flushed with Wilwood High-Temp 570 brake fluid
    ☆ Fresh coolant flush
    ☆ Brand new Stant thermostat
    ☆ New silicone vacuum lines
    ☆ New Optima battery
    ☆ Brand new starter
    ☆ New alternator
    ☆ Diff flushed with Redline shockproof gear oil
    ☆ Brand new intake manifold gasket
    ☆ Brand new exhaust manifold gasket (w/ integrated heat shield)
    ☆ Brand new Crank Angle Sensor
    ☆ Brand new Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump
    ☆ Brand new in-line fuel filter

    Car is currently in Surrey, BC, but still has Alberta title.

    ★ PRICE -
    $6000 open to offers and trades

    ★ PICTURES -

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    Bump. Been out of the country

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    This is one beautiful old school Celica. Very well done, a lot of subtle to the eye but significant to the ride upgrades. Kudos to you or whomever did the work on this.

    Was this for sale on here before? It seems familiar.
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    I've seen this one around St. Albert a couple of times. It looks even better in person. GDWS

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    Congrats on making to to Bring a Trailer!

    Hopefully it sells for you now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2K1civic View Post
    Congrats on making to to Bring a Trailer!

    Hopefully it sells for you now.

    YAY! I just saw that and YES I have a deposit down now!


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    I submitted it. I was just browsing around and I thought this car would be a good candidate for BAT. Figured a bit more exposure couldn't hurt, didn't think it'd sell that quick though!

    Congrats on the sale(provided it works out)
    Seriously....just go away....

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