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Thread: ** General Message Board Rules **

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    Default ** General Message Board Rules **

    **General Message Board Rules**

    Welcome to 780Tuners. Remembering these rules before posting will make your experience on 780Tuners more positive. Apply common sense and chances are you'll be within the 99% of the users who will never have problems with the moderators. If you're part of the 1% that does, we recommend you try another forum.

    780Tuners' administrators and moderators are the sole interpreters of the following rules/guidelines. They are the ones who determine whether or not a rule has been broken. Admin(s)/Moderator(s) also reserve the right to edit the rules/guidelines & apply consequences as necessary without prior warning.

    1. Posting on 780Tuners rules:
    (a) “Zero Tolerance” of any videos/posts in relation to or promoting street racing or illegal activities such as how to bypass current laws and drug paraphernalia (ie: Fake urine tests, where to buy marijuana, etc.). We do not support nor condone such activities.
    (b) Thread hijacking is disrespectful. Stay on topic. If you have something else to talk about, start a new thread or use the Private Message (PM) system.
    (c) Do no post responses to a thread for the sole purpose of boosting post count, including one-word answers to a topic, or “+1”,”Too long, didn’t read”, “qft”, empty quoting, cool story bro, pic-whoring, etc.
    (d) Posts/threads that are meaningless and lack the ability to elicit thought-provocative responses will be deleted.
    (e) Meme and/or picture ONLY posts are NOT acceptable in Edmonton and Area Car Forums.
    (f) Relevant meme and/or picture ONLY posts are acceptable in General Chat Non-Automotive, at the discretion of the Moderators.
    (g) Be constructive with your criticism
    (h) Users considered trolls and/or users that troll; will be banned.
    (i) Harassment using 780Tuners resources is strictly prohibited.
    - Excessive flaming and personal attacks will not be tolerated.
    - Posts that are racially, ethnically or religiously derogatory or offensive.
    - Harassment is defined as offensive, threatening or disturbing language and/or remarks with aim to insult, bully, humiliate, and not limited to, the use of threads, swearing, slurs, slangs and/or any specific information of an individual.
    (j) Thread titles are to be descriptive on the topic posted in the thread.
    (k) Any comments related to the moderation of this site or inquiries regarding the Rules and Guidelines are to be discussed via PM with a moderator ONLY.
    - These are not public issues. They are not open for debate, polling or any discussion in the open forum.
    - This includes inquiries on why a thread was deleted, member suspension/banning or interpretation of the Rules and Guidelines

    2. Marketplace Guidelines

    3. Sponsorship / Solicitation:
    - There will be NO solicitation (Zero Tolerance policy) on the public forums from commercial establishments nor from users selling multiple items for profit. Any form of solicitation from a member that has a vested interest in generating profit will be warned as per rules. No advertising in signature, username, or avatar. Advertising on this site is solely for paying sponsors of the site.
    - If you are interested in becoming a forum sponsor, please contact a member of the moderation team or by email

    4. Signatures/Usernames/Avatars:
    (a) Effective immediately all users MUST conform to the following:
    (i) Max size is 550x200 pixels (for Signatures)
    (ii) Max file size is 50k (for Signatures)
    (iii) No explicit/offensive or otherwise NWS (Not Work Safe) content or content that insults the forum or the members.
    (iv) Keep line count to under 10 and font size as “small”.
    (v) No animated GIFs

    Non conforming posts may be deleted or edited without warning. It is to the sole discretion of the Moderation Team of 780Tuners to enforce these rules and guidelines and the banning/suspension/post count reduction associated with any breach.
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