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Thread: Good work boots for summer

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    Royer, Canadian Made.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clutch View Post
    Work requires the tall boots for safety requirements, and I usually just buy Original Swat boots. They are flexible, water tight, CSA approved and cheap at $180'ish a pop. Plus with the side zipper they only need to be tied up every 3-4 months.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ruiner View Post
    Great boots. I wear them at work and duty boots at the Firehall.
    Quote Originally Posted by ResidentEVO View Post
    Really? They were the worst duty boot I've ever worn.

    I'm back to my Magnums.
    I used to wear original swat`s.. had to buy a new set every 6mo due to the sole wearing out or separating. I switched to 5.11s I get about a year out of them. I like the side pockets in the 5.11s I carry a boot knife pretty much all the time, it`s very handy for general utility stuff.
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