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Thread: Clash of Clans!

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    My new clan is pretty legit. War attacks are all organized by the leader. Luckily they do shit pretty much exactly how I would.
    Dwfense/troops are taking ages to max out, holy.
    The new books and clan games are definitely helping though

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    Finally, I'm a maxed th11. I was an engineered th11 for the longest time (th9 defenses with maxed th11 troops and heroes). Decided to upgrade my defenses and finished my last wall a few days ago.

    I'll probably go to th12 but after a couple of more months of wars to get shit down pat. That new th12 update with the ram really threw a curveball at me. I used to be one of the best attackers in my clan, but now I'm average at best. Very inconsistent. The base meta has changed too -the anti3 bases are almost mandatory these days. If you have anything close to a ring or symmetrical base, it's getting crushed.

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    Used to be addicted to Clash of Clans but I have since moved on to PUBG and Mobile Legends.

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