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Thread: Giant fitness thread

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    I don't think I've done anything resembling cardio for... fuck me, I don't even know how long. The closest thing I can recall is like walking fast in a mall... to get doughnuts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blam View Post
    this is relevant to my interests.

    my BP is normal high, 5'-6" 155lbs so i'm not in poor "shape" at first glance.

    I was donating blood on a regular basis, every 2 months, until recently. my BP was too high to donate, they had me sit down for a bit, then retake the test and i just barely got in under the cut off.

    long story short, I need to lower my BP for health reasons obviously, so I can return to donating blood, and so i dont roll into the pits after every race feeling like i just ran a marathon.

    I've never been a cardio guy and i don't enjoy a second of it.

    i've just started hitting the treadmill every other day or so. 30 minutes at 4mph. HR sits at around 175 (yes, I'm THAT out of shape)

    should i keep plugging away at this and slowly increase when my HR starts to lower at that speed? throw in HIIT?

    You should start taking a good fibre supplement like Fibrelyze. And a lot of VitaminC. Take care of that blood pressure before worrying cardio.

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