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Thread: 71 Celica

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    Huge fan of these old Celicas, good luck with the project!
    Quote Originally Posted by pheoxs View Post
    Don't get/buy/make a roof spoilers...

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    The NSX's old garagemate! Good purchase, and cool project!

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    Maxipad would have a heart attack if he saw this due to excitement Whatever happened to him anyways?

    Nice car OP

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    Quote Originally Posted by disableddan View Post
    Huge fan of these old Celicas, good luck with the project!
    thanks guy!

    Quote Originally Posted by QPDO View Post
    The NSX's old garagemate! Good purchase, and cool project!
    HA, so cool... sounds like she's had a few garage pals while she was Rob's

    Quote Originally Posted by krmitlovesbacon View Post
    Maxipad would have a heart attack if he saw this due to excitement Whatever happened to him anyways?

    Nice car OP
    thanks guy!

    In the spirit of updating. I did find out quite a bit of history on the car. Contacted the old owner in the states and found out everything she knew. So I have the history of back to around 2002.
    I also noticed that the front fenders are different... the passenger is from a 75 and the driver side is correct. Turns out the passenger side is the rusty one so I'll keep my eyes peeled for a 71 fender in good condition.
    I also made the decision to keep the car old school. After many talkings from many different friends I was talked out of going the resto-mod way... It will however get a much better suspension setup than what it had. In a sense I guess you could say the ideal end point for this is a very mild pro touring car... Now anyone that knows me is probably saying... yeah right! And you're probably right.
    Anyways I picked up a 18RG and a 5 speed transmission to put in the car. For those that don't know this is the engine that came in the GT's that weren't available in North America. These are fairly rare to find so when I found one in Edmonton and it was the first generation of the 18RG (before emissions were added), I jumped on it.
    Came with this... the best manual I've ever opened.

    Mikuni dual side draft carbs came with. No filters or trumpets but we can figure that out later. Also didn't come with a oil pan and probably a couple of other things but most of everything in the blocks is interchangeable with the 18-RC that is in the car. The only thing that was different was one was a DOHC vs SOHC. If that's not cool enough Toyota worked with Yamaha and mostly all of the heads were Yamaha heads. There should be a yammy stamp on the head if it is one... if it isn't and it's a Toyota head. We have a truly rare piece of history. I keep forgetting to check when I'm in the garage.

    Pistons walls all looked pretty minty.

    Crankshaft was the only concern, 57 thous of end play YIKES... I had to see what the culprite of that was before I bought the engine. Was the thrust bearing just really worn? Was the block f'd? Was the crank f'd?
    Turns out looking at a engine without a oil pan makes this a pretty easy task. Popped off the thrust bearing cap... FOUND IT!

    This was wearing against...

    This... and well not good. The bad news, the cranks pooched. The good news is the crank in the 18RC in the car is interchangable, as well as the block if there does turn out to be damage there as a dig in deeper at a later date.

    Eventually this summer I'll strip this down and assess the situation a bit better..

    Kind of a curve ball in the plan of things but the engine in the car is strong.
    OOP inspection, registration, and a update in suspension/bushings/brakes is next on the block.

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    little update...
    Shes registered and on the road!

    Put a couple hundred miles on in the past couple of weeks bombing around the city, and one highway trip out to my buddies acreage

    And since I've been using my buddies wheels while I figured out what I was going to do. I started polishing these slot mags up that came with the car.

    They were in pretty rough shape, but I stopped by auto obsessed and they hooked me up with the stuff to bring them back to life.
    After a little acid wash...

    And after many hours of scrubbing/sanding/polishing...


    So the next day I dropped the tires off and told the guy I wanted to run 185/65/14's... later that day he phones me back and tells me the wheels are 13's lol... whoops! So a little disappointed, and a hurt ego to say the least. Took me a couple days to find 13's but I managed to find a tire shop with some 175/70/13's! Never ended up taking a pic of it outside the garage but this is how she turned out. 15HP bum dyno gain.... much snappier with the little wheels.

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    Got a few parts from T3 in the mail, but you'll have to wait to see the rest.

    And here's my little stock pile from toyhead...

    Now I'm just waiting on one more package to show up.

    And a pic or two from cruising/meet.

    Should have another update for you guys in the near future.

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    That's sweet. Glad it's up and running and you're enjoying it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDMZ32 View Post
    That's sweet. Glad it's up and running and you're enjoying it!
    Thanks , got to enjoy it for a bit before the slave cylinder decided to go. Was out cruising and noticed the pedal going dead. Booked it home and it broke down right in it's spot in the garage. Filled up the clutch fluid, went inside for the night and when I came out in the morning it was all on the floor lol. So while I wait for a new slave cylinder I started a little work.

    Kind of been a secondary project though while I was finishing up the s2000 and getting it back on the road.
    I finally got sick of tripping over all of the stuff that came with the celica when I bought it, and decided to organize this stuff into some containers til I find a use for it.

    So since the slave cylinder ended up pissing out brake fluid all over the garage floor on the 4 speed. I cleaned up the 5 spd while the car is down.

    After (still got to paint the mid part again):

    Got the car up on jackstands to do the trans swap/suspension over haul.

    Got all the bushings/ball joints pressed out up front and then I por15'd all the stuff I was going to reuse.

    The old is out and the new ready to go in on the back, also pushed out all the 4 link bushings and replaced with whiteline stuff, along with a clean up and a coat of por15.

    Everytime I go out to the garage for a smoke I've been tearing apart the 18RG I got one little step at a time. The plan is the hot tank the bottom end and get internals figured out. Since it has been rebuilt and I nor the guy I bought it off of has any idea what's in it. I have some research to do. The valves have the TEQ stamp in them so I at least know they are OEM, but springs and everything else is pretty much a mystery.

    Cylinder walls look in pretty decent shape but who knows how round they are. Put a mic on to get the bore and they are about 91.8mm :shock: OEM is 88mm

    Now here's the pistons/rods that came out, can anyone help out in recognizing what brand these are?

    The only stamp I can find on the slugs.

    That's kind of it for now, I didn't get any good pics of the suspension because there was a problem with the coilovers I bought, I had to send one back because the spindle was 80 thous bigger on one side. Should of went with T3 but the cars been stuck on jack stands for the past couple weeks waiting for that spindle to come back so I can finish things up. So I'll take some good pics and do a full suspension update once I get that all back together.

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    As promised the rest of the suspension modifications:
    On the front, Angus coilovers with 300lbs springs, KYB struts inside, new OEM ball joints, whiteline LCA bushings, T3 Tension control arms, and new wheel bearings.
    On the rear: 5x11" 175lbs springs, T3 Panhard bar, and KYB struts, and some new parking brake cables cause the ones on there were about to fall apart.

    And the result, and yeah I got some OEM jdm spec mirrors:

    A few months back I sold my daily driver (forester) and still haven't replaced it with anything. So this happened lol:

    And she made the first trip to gold bar yesterday so I could get my fat ass back on the bike, lots of funny looks in traffic :

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