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Thread: 1987 rx7 not idling properly

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    Question 1987 rx7 not idling properly

    I have a 1987 Rx7 Non-turbo 140009km on the clock. its having a really hard time idling at all unless i crank the idle up to over 3800rpm and hold open the afm. I have replaced the AFM, the TPS. i have also replaced the plugs and the plug wires. I have done a compression test on both rotors 90psi on all 6 sides. i have also done the emissions delete. my cats were plugged from previous owner, so i gutted them until i can buy a full exhaust. removed the upper intake manifold multiple times to check for bad sealing between the upper and lower. I have used metal and silicon, and now i have a OEM gasket waiting to go on. Tested my fuel injectors and they are all low impedance, all tested between 2.3ohms and 2.5ohms its build date is 09-89. I also spark tested my coils, and they are all sparking. i have tested the crank sensor also, it is within specification i have reset the timing using the 5 degree mark. i also have a video of it idling at 2500 rpm. any ideas on what it could be, i have been at it for about a month just trying to get it idling properly, i believe i have a bad vacuum leak somewhere due to the fact my brake booster is also not working, either its out of commission or again bad vacuum leak some where.

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    You say it is an 87, but a build date of 09/1989, which would make it a 1990 model. If it is in fact a 1987, have you removed the EGR valve and blocked it off? Also, have you tried disconnecting the brake booster vac hose at the intake? The nipple for the brake booster bolts onto the block with banjo fittings, might be that, or your booster is buggered and giving you a vac leak.

    What all did you remove for the emissions delete? Did you remove the AWS (accelerated warmup system)? there is a solenoid on the back of the intake that taps into the plenum and bypass air, if this is removed and either plug not capped you will have a huge vac leak. This is all if you have an 87 engine.

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