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Thread: The GREAT FIDDY run!

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    Default The GREAT FIDDY run!

    June 4 2016, the first "FIDDY RUN"

    The event rules are simple.
    Ride any 50cc and under street legal motorcycle / scooter / moped Start Voyageur park Devon AB, through the David Thompson Finish at Saskatchewan River Crossing, Alberta
    First one to the end wins. Cash prizes and a whole lot a fun. The slowest motorcycle endurance event will challenge riders on one of the most epic rides in the country.
    Bike's must be street legal, registered and have insurance for on road use.
    All traffic laws must be followed at all times. Any one getting a moving violation during the event will be excluded.
    Riders must stay on the shoulder at all time unless passing and only when safe to do so
    Entry Fee $150 per rider.
    Includes pre race send off support truck with trailer
    Post race shin dig and awards for all who finish
    Distance 350km
    Time aprox 7 hours
    Why: Why not!
    Camping Food Gas and hotel rooms avalible at finish line.
    Sunday fun day ride home at your leasure or ship the bike back to Edmonton in our trailer.

    Join the FIDDY RUN facebook group for more information

    A percentage of every riders entry will go to The Make A Wish Foundation


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    Omg that sounds amazing! HAHA
    Quote Originally Posted by LOLJDM View Post
    Rob with an awesome post as always.

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    I'm pretty tempted to borrow a scooter.
    Wow...the first AE86 I've seen in a while that doesn't have retarded camber and owned by a hipster. Good job on keeping it clean! Looks great
    9.85 @ 146mph @ Castrol. stock wheelbase, arrow pipe. <-- Like my racing teams page!

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    Oh I cannot wait to see the photos and video that turn up from this. Might be one of the slowest races but should be entertaining.
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    Holy fuck I want to do this haha

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    Whats required on a under 50cc bike to be legal on the road? Headlight, tailight and signals?

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    Thought I'd post this in case their was others with the same questions I had.

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