I was contacted by a member of Whyte Avenue Beats a couple days ago, and he requested I pass on a message:

"In regard to all parking lots from Tim Horton's lot to UC lot (including Antique Mall). The owner has declared zero tolerance for any car clubs or car meets from now on."
"The only exemption is that timmies (Tim Horton's) parking lot will now have a half hour limit restriction for customers only. The rest of the business will have zero tolerances"
In speaking in the with the member he indicates that they want to take an education approach for the next couple of weeks, however, after that violators will be banned from the premises and issued tickets pursuant to the Trespass Premise Act and TSA as necessary. Knowing the member personally, he too is a car guy and agrees that it was small minority that ruined it for the rest. However he is giving us the "heads up" and, like me, hopes the general community can respect the owners wishes.