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Thread: Z32 Fuel Pump Issue?

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    Default Z32 Fuel Pump Issue?

    Car drove fine the night before without any problem but the next day it would not start.
    Cranks but would not start. Tried it a few times and no go.

    One thing I noticed is i could not hear the fuel pump priming. So I checked my fuel line pressure gauge and no pressure.
    I checked the FCPU and it was bypassed already.

    Now is this a fuel pump issue? Is there a way to bench test a fuel pump to find out if it's the issue? Or could it be an ECU issue?

    Any help in the right direction is appreciated.


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    Check Ecu for codes, check fuel pressure after the filter, check for spark, check and clean ptu/cas connections.

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    Checked ECU Code 55 All Clear
    No fuel pressure after filter
    PTU/CAS connections all clean and snug

    Have not tried the spark test just yet...

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    No fuel pressure in the on position. I would check for power at the fuel pump. If 12v, then fuel pump is the problem. If no 12 v, then back track at the relays.

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    Also check your fuel pump link by the battery, under the black cover in front of the battery, closest one to the engine marked Fuel Pump Eng Inj:

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    Finally had time to check voltage at the pump.
    Yes I do have 13.4 at the fuel pump connector but pump won't prime.
    I guess my fuel pump took a dump.
    Now I should probably get a new one... I'm guessing a Walbro 485 would suffice? And leave the FPCU bypassed?

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