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Thread: Thinking about buying my first home

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    Quote Originally Posted by zhao View Post
    My fixed rates were the best rates I could get. Anyone get better than 2.24?

    Imo 2-3 years fixed is usually the sweet spot. 5 years is retarded.
    Both properties were fixed at around 2.33. One was redone last September and on this spring. I was offered 2.23 for the one done in September however it had a bunch of extra caveats to get that extra 0.1 difference, such as huge fees if I decided to sell within the 5 year window. The first property was purchased when 30 years was still applicable and the new property was now in the 25 year max. So both properties come to full term within months of each other.
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    Quote Originally Posted by the_fornicator View Post
    I think to break a variable mortgage is like several months of interest determined by the number of months left in your contract.
    This really depends on the mortgage and it is very important to ask these questions when you get a mortgage.

    When I sold and cancelled my mortgage, I had to pay 3 months interest, which was like 2k or something. But when I just got a new mortgage, I had 2 options of a Variable closed or Variable open. The open had cheaper options (BUT 0.05% higher interest) if I cancelled or moved, the closed was way more expensive to cancel the mortgage but was 0.05% less.

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    Currently at a 2.39 @ 4 years locked in with RBC

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