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Thread: ChassisFlex Motorsports @ Pacific Forest Rally 2016

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    Default ChassisFlex Motorsports @ Pacific Forest Rally 2016

    Thanks Darell!

    Where to begin...

    I took off from work on Wednesday at noon to head to Jeff's place. We continued doing little prep work on the car for a couple of hours and getting him all packed and ready to go:

    No major problems, lots of little things to do on the car as we got towards tech. Made it through tech with no issues thankfully!

    Jeff relieving himself during recce on the 2nd day:

    Everyone needs a little Jeffie in their lives':

    Then we get to the race. A PFR to forget, and I've already had a couple of those. It's tough to have stood on the national podium last year and sprayed champagne on TV to have finished almost dead last this year. We survived, but it was a bit tough on morale.

    As we were getting into the car to head to park expose, Jeff tried to close the trunk. Trunk did not close. We tried again and again and again, nothing. With no time, I quickly grabbed some tie downs and we left for downtown Merritt with the trunk flapping in the breeze. Since we took so long, they put us at the very back of the expose, even though we were 15th (reoccuring trend of the event that was fairly frustrating, even if we were showing up on time).

    First of the shoutouts: Voytek and Jeremy Livingston saved us by providing a socket and a pair of pliers that Jeremy manly-man gripped to retighten the latch (it had slowly loosened and been knocked out of alignment, hence not closing). Lifesavers!

    Jeff had a rough go of the night stages. He got motion sick very quickly. On the 2nd stage, without notes for about 1/2 of it, I set a 7th fastest stage time even with tons of dust. :haplo90:

    We got back to service, Jeff popped some gravol, and we continued onwards. The gravol didn't quite work too well, more motion sickness, flying blind in the dust, notes sometimes on pace. The 4th stage, it all went south. I've never had someone else get sick on me before, and I do not recommend it. Everywhere in the car :'( Needs to be cleaned. No pictures because nobody wants to see that. ON THE POSITIVE SIDE, my suit got washed Sunday night by hand in the tub, no noticeable staining (thank god).

    We park the car and get the f to sleep, we're beat. Wake up in the morning to bleed the brakes. SURPRISE! No rear pad left?? Considering there was over 75% left, I don't know where it all went, maybe the hydraulic hand brake got stuck on Travis Nease with Dirtfish saved us, gave us a set of used Hawk DTC 30's, so we slapped the rears on, bled the brakes, and left.

    Much better start to the day! Still having some trouble with notes, but set a top 10 time on SS5. I'm feeling good, car is feeling good, and we were dubbed "da bes" of the hairpin:

    Crank up da jam on SS6! We're flyin, set a 7th fastest time, we were on it!

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    But then we hit a bit of a snag at the hairpin (note the front wheel, itshays broke!). Did 200km/h with the caliper jamming in the wheel!

    So at the end of the stage, we waited 20+ minutes for everything to cool down (literally melting my gloves, couldn't hold the caliper for longer than 5 seconds). Mcgyvered the itshay out of the caliper with a rock between the pads, some ducttape, and zipties holding it out of the way in the front wheel well while we drove back to service.

    Big shoutout to Nicholas Spencer. He let us borrow a caliper, and even a control arm if we needed it. The camber bolts had been knocked out of place, and the caliper broken, but I put it on max-negative camber which got the tire standing up straight and replaced/bled the caliper. Ready to go for both passes of Helmer!

    Helmer was bad. It was awful. We were just trying to survive. The peddle would go to the floor while driving straight, so I literally spent the whole stage pumping the brake rapidly with my left foot Pretty hard to gas, brake, and clutch all at the same time with only two feet! As such, we lit the brakes on fire as you can tell by the literally glowing hot rotors.

    And that was that. We finished something like 2nd last. If we hadn't had the penalties and done all the stages, I think we calculated we'd have been in 6th or 7th. If we ran all the stages like we did SS6, probably 5th. Learned a lot, can't wait for Big White!

    A big thanks to the people who helped us, especially our sponsors. Federal Tire, Velocity Graphics (in Red Deer, new startup, great guys and prices!), Revolution Wheels, and Fuse Fuels all helped us get to the end of PFR and we're thankful for their support!

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