Looking to get a group buy going from Revolution Wheels in the UK http://www.revolutionwheels.com/

This company specializes in 15" rims for rallying that clear 4pot/2pot on Subarus, however, I thought I'd open the floor to other rims as the more we can get going, the cheaper things are! They make a lot of sexy rally-inspired designs that would be great for winter rims, and as an added bonus, their prices are really good! Rims are flow-formed with dual stage heat treating, these are not your mom's rotas! Yes, the rims are made in China, that is fairly difficult to avoid nowadays, but let me tell you, they do not break under the most extreme circumstances, only bend as a proper rim should:

The rally rim in question is the GR14, available in 3 different colors:

As for the others, go have a gander!The GR14 usually retails for about $210cdn once it gets to your door in Alberta, so hopefully we can shave a good 10-15% off the price of rims with this