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Thread: Edmonton public meeting for Racing for a Cure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Izerous View Post
    Edit: Complaints like this remind me of when people who bought houses near the hospital in Drayton Valley decided to start complaing about the noise of the ambulances and the Stars helicopter... Well your the one who bought a house a 2 minute walk away from the Heli-Pad and it was built before your house was... what kind of noises did you expect to happen.
    Oh man. I've been spending a lot of time in TO, and the debate around the airport downtown is ridiculous. They want to allow jets in there, for increased passenger service. People are like "NO JETS." The company is like "actually, they're quieter than the turboprops we operate out of there right now.."

    "NO JETS."

    Okay then...

    They DO have to extend the runway out about 300 feet on both sides of the island, but after a few years the fishies won't care. It's minimally disruptive.

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    Did anyone here go to the meeting? What was the consensus of outcome? And did anyone see the real life Cruella De Vil who can't up with a few hours of noise for money going to sick kids?

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