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Thread: Honda's "Riding assist" (self balancing) motorcycle a reality

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    Default Honda's "Riding assist" (self balancing) motorcycle a reality

    Ok, I'm impressed.

    Rather than a flashy video like BMW, Honda actually has a working bike to show off what it can do.

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    I'm not going to be a hater. That thing is actually pretty neat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EDISKRAD EHT View Post
    I'm not going to be a hater. That thing is actually pretty neat.
    I think it's incredible technology but it's being misapplied to compensate for lack of skill and practice which should be a REQUIREMENT BEFORE confidently riding.
    Anything that allows someone even less time between sitting on a bike for the first time ever and twisting the throttle until it goes 270 on a street is not something I can really support.
    If you can't handle a bike at low speed, it's because you suck. I can handle the bike that I decided to purchase well enough at low speed that I'm not worried about it. I don't think I could handle a giant Harley as well, so, guess what? I didn't buy one.

    Edit: "you" figuratively, obviously... I'm not trashing YOU, at all.

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    ^--- I'm hurt. I read that literally and take it personally.


    But seriously. Very valid points - very cool and I'd be curious to see this technology taken elsewhere too.

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    Now you can motorcycle during winter? Lol, thats what will happen.
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    Oh lord. I can see it being useful on the gold wing and such. Any bike that has reverse is to damn heavy to right again and this stops that from happening. I've also come so close to dumping a bike because my foot was on a tiny bit of gravel and it slid out.

    Should not be on every bike but I can see uses for it

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    Can't wait to try this bike or see how this balance on uncontrollable situation.

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    You really trying hard to get some post numbers eh?

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