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Thread: Factory Five 33 Hot Rod Build.

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    I use gun wash to clean mine, I find if I'm planning on doing a few rounds of painting, I'll empty the gun and then clean the cup with gun wash. Then I'll fill the cup 1/3 way with gun wash and run it through the gun with the air connected. Then last I'll pull the spray needle out and give it a good wipe down to get any last residue. If you're putting it away for an amount of time, strip it down and clean it good or it won't spray nice when you're ready to go again. Nothing worse than going to paint and it sprays like shit.

    I don't know if you got any yet but invest the couple bucks it costs to get a good paint strainer to run the paint through when you're filling your cup. The tiniest bit of dirt or anything will clog those guns and cause you issues.

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    Awesome build!

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