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Is this the guy on here that was trying to sell the Lambo wheels?


Stolen Lamborghinis seized in second raid of Deadwood man's property

Sports cars the latest stolen property found at property where police seized cache of weapons

RCMP recovered two stolen Lamborghinis during a second search of a property where officers seized more than 30 weapons last week.

The sports cars are the latest stolen property recovered from a Deadwood, Alta., residence.

On Feb. 17, Manning RCMP searched the property and recovered 37 firearms, along with a large amount of ammunition.

Deadwood man wanted after 37 firearms seized in rural Alberta bust
The firearms seized included a prohibited Chinese-made AK-47, with magazines made to hold as many as 100 rounds, and two other firearms that were reported stolen.

Police issued a warrant for a 33-year-old Deadwood man, the owner of the property.

The filed 32 different charges, including 18 counts of possession of a prohibited device and one count of altering a firearm to fire automatic.

The man surrendered himself to police on Feb. 20.

Two days later, police went back to the property and recovered two Lamborghinis and some cocaine.

The same man now faces five more charges, including two counts of altering a vehicle identification number and possession of a controlled substance.

He has been released on bail and is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 27 in Peace River.
Jesus, this guy was going hard. Having two Lamborghinis in Deadwood was probably a major tip off.