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Thread: Hot Fozz

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    while you have everything ripped apart, are you going to replace your rotors and such?

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    Likely not - as simple as they are, they're actually brand new from the previous owner. I'll wait until they wear out and then go drilled/slotted with a nice pad.

    I should have bought one of these ages ago. $10. That's it. Makes bleeding brakes by yourself a dream.

    Back on the ground is kind of a big deal. It's been a long time since those wheels have felt some pressure.







    About time.

    And ya, I'll straighten out the intercooler

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    And after a short drive..

    Fan didn't turn on when it was getting hot. I'll have to figure that out. It blips for a moment but not sure - may honestly wire in a hard switch to insure that there is no issue while I sort that out. Didn't get TOO hot but it was at about 80% which makes me uncomfortable. Any longer and it could have been bad news.

    Also need to blip the coolant as I only added it when I originally topped it up.

    So what's left,

    1. Wire in fans.
    2. Blip coolant so there's no air bubbles.
    3. Electrical - Wire in windshield wipers, tail lights, headlights, windows, sunroof.
    4. Crash beam

    Manual boost controller and new clutch are on their way too.

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    Dec 2010


    jesus barely 3 months to get all this done. thats impressive

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    I love the plethora of updates.
    Quote Originally Posted by LOLJDM View Post
    Rob with an awesome post as always.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KennyJames View Post
    jesus barely 3 months to get all this done. thats impressive
    It's not done yet, there's still a lot more to go. And with that said...

    Yay, electrical said nobody ever.

    This is the front bulkhead,

    I'm learning an absolute crap load about electrical. So thankful for manual, it's really a life saver - helping me pin point some of the missed connections. Hoping this leads to being able to understand and fix my flickering dash and lack of turn signals.

    The windshield wipers had the same 5 wires but different connectors. I did this for the wipers - will be doing the same for each door. Figuring out how to wire in the sunroof will be interesting - and the rear wiper too. I never even thought of the rear wiper since the sedan didn't have one. Oh well, I'll figure it out.

    Everything electrical that I'm splicing will be soldered, taped and then bundled. Wipers work great now (It's the small accomplishments now!)

    ^--- my work station for the night.

    Also, because of the bulkhead harness diagram I was able to pinpoint my fan issue. Let the engine run for 15-20 minutes after topping it up with coolant and the fan did turn on which was great to see. Held a steady temperature after that.

    Things are looking up! I'm going to be putting in 2-3 hours tomorrow hopefully, and then a good 8-10 hours Thursday. I'd love to get an alignment on Friday and do some driving around the city to make sure I'm comfortable taking it to Red Deer Saturday for the Subaru meet.

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    The other half.. everything connected and tucked away.

    Also spent a bit of tonight rerouting some of the wiring harness. Pushing it up against the higher side of the firewall to ensure that when I go for a drive that nothing melts. That'd be a huge PITA to have to redo..

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    What a hum-dinger of a day, a real diddly doozie.

    Here's the front wiring harness,

    Today, what I wanted to get done..

    1. Wire in HID headlights, hi/lo
    2. Get all 4 corner signals working
    3. Working brakes + reverse light
    4. Wire in windows
    5. Remove old starter/alarm
    6. Put front end back on
    7. Loosen/fix drum brakes. Awfully noisy.
    8. Wire in sunroof

    To start,

    I ripped out the older starter/alarm. It was a mess of wires and the less I had to worry about under the dash the better. Still couldn't figure out why my signal lights weren't working. The removal of this lead to (Or so I thought, dun dun dun!) my vehicle not starting.

    After plenty of diagnosing (And a half reinstalled starter/alarm) I came to this conclusion.. while rerouting my wires yesterday for better safety, I unhooked my starter. Although plugged back in the connection was weak. A few wiggles later I got it.

    Dash back out for easier access to the wiring

    And my soldering station for the day.

    All tidied up. I have two huskies so I need to clean the carpets really well. May end up making everything black anyways.

    Front end tidied up.

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    What what... sitting outside. For a second time. Let's see how this goes.

    And this is a real winner..

    I was only going up to the speed limit. Wanted to hear the engine working and feel a bit of power again.

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