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Thread: Hot Fozz

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    Default Hot Fozz

    The beginnings...

    Well after owning my 04 Impreza with a full V7 JDM EJ207 swap including matching 6 speed and brembo brakes, it was written off. That was a good month and a half of ownership!

    Where she sits now?

    In my garage.. with a sludge hammer holding up the hood.

    Sitting. Waiting. Watching.

    What's next?

    I'm on my way out to Regina tomorrow to drive back a 2003 Forester. Black, manual, leather interior (With heated seats, what what!) and the massive moon roof.

    You might guess what's next - a full transplant.

    The goal?

    Hot Fozz.

    2003 Subaru Forester (Picking up tomorrow, 10:30am)
    JDM STi front end (Purchasing shortly)
    EJ207 V7 Swap (Spec c, forged internals, semi closed deck)
    APS SR40 Turbo
    Greddy FMIC (For sale.. likely to go top mount)
    Mishimoto Radiator
    Fujitsubo cat back exhaust (Purchasing shortly)
    6 Speed

    Currently puts down 292AWHP at 16lb of boost. I'll be doing some upgrades down the road but the overall goal is 350AWHP / 350 AWTQ... while holding two dogs, my kid and wife, and a few mountain bikes.

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    Brutal to hear about the subie.

    But excited to see what come's from it all!!

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    ^--- slow speed. Thankful my newborn boy, wife or dogs weren't in the car. Prefer that over any alternative!

    Anyways -

    Chapter 2! Too much torque for this guy..

    Flew out this morning at 7:20am to arrive in Regina by 10:15. Was sitting in my vehicle by 11am - the first time I had seen it in person.

    Definitely needs some love, but overall pretty happy. No rear quarter rust, sun roof is in phenomenal shape (Have you seen how big the glass is? It's awesome!)

    Clutch throw out bearing is making noise, clutch itself has to be loved or it slips. A couple of dings/dents but that's to be expected of a 14 year old car. Interior is in 8/10 shape - couple of marks here and there, but a good steam cleaning and I'll be happy.

    Anyways - on to the photos.

    And then there's this..

    That'll have to change ASAP.

    But first off.. heading down to a JDM import shop next weekend. Picking up the JDM STi front end (Including headlights to get rid of those aftermarket ones. They'll be up for sale soon..) and catback exhaust.

    Off to paint shortly after that, then likely be doing the tranny/brakes come mid April. Engine will be pulled soon to redo some gaskets and powder coating.

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    aren't those retrofitted headlights? don't like the output or looks?

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    Not a huge fan of the looks - just doesn't look as clean to me as stock headlights. Mind you, the JDM front end comes with factory HID's which look far cleaner than their USDM counterpart.

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    So here's where I'm at - just had the OPI done on the Fozz and a few things to be done before I can register it (Anybody have some fog lights I can borrow for a day..)

    But I did run down to Calgary to pick up this stuff.

    Fujitsubo catback exhaust, sounds like it has a good deep tone but isn't overly loud.

    And the JDM front end. It'll fit the FMIC way better. Ya, I'm a poser with my non-functioning hood scoop now..

    One of the things to fail on the Fozz was the suspension which I was expecting. The rear drivers side strut is blown. Thankfully sharing the same chassis as the Impreza it'll just swap over and lower me roughly an 1" as well. Plus it'll be way tighter.

    So now.. swap the suspension in to the Fozz. Fix the fog lights. Patch the fender liners. Swap over a boot for the rack and pinion.. and then I'll get it reinspected.

    Once that's done, the front end goes on and is going in for paint April 4th. Tint shortly after, and I'll put the exhaust on as well even with the N/A motor. Aesthetically it will be where I want.

    Then starts the drive train.

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    Most new things will seem difficult or impossible. For me that was all the body and metal work over the winter on my truck
    78 c-10

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    I read quite a bit about the intercooler being black. Some say it helped, others said it was negligible. I'm just happy it's black for the time being - future I would like to definitely get an anodized black one though.

    Pumping myself up lately - electrical is (And still is) slightly nerve racking. It seems like it just loops and loops through the body, and unless I find a clear plug to unplug from to remove the harness I just keep on tracing.

    Interior is just chock full of fun!

    How I left it a few nights ago, hoping that when I came back the next day it would just be out.

    It wasn't. And seriously, it's not the biggest deal - but it's just not as much fun as yanking out other stuff.

    This is the bolt that I was having so much fun with. A 9" bolt threaded on the one end, it's bound to rust in and seize. Tried plenty of penetrating lube and the impact but no go, was thinking of picking up a torch to torch it off but I'll just end up cutting it out anyways.

    So instead of dealing it on the car, I just pulled out the rear subframe.

    Getting closer to the wiring harness out.

    That's where it's sitting in my garage right now. I'll end up getting the rest of the harness out.. because I have to. I'm not a fan of procrastinating crap that I know I just need to get done. I've got a guy coming to pick up the engine from the Forester on Thursday - to have that engine out, I need a spot for the Forester in the garage.. for that spot I need to get rid of this Impreza frame.

    And since I'll have a Forester with no engine.. and appreciate having a vehicle to drive, it's time to get to business. I'm good at taking stuff apart apparently, but the real challenge here will be to put it back together and have something to drive.

    Goal? Done this project by May 25th. Dad arrives from the airport shortly after and I'd love to pick him up in it.

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    Harness is fully out..

    Reference photos of the layout and the absurdity of what some engineers thought up.

    Boy I can't wait to put this back together.. I should almost just build a tube frame buggy.

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