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Thread: Hot Fozz

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    Small update, but an update none the less. Some of this work is tedious little crap, and still taking breaks along the way to youtube this or find a DIY thread on that.

    Axles back in

    Downpipe installed

    Tranny mount back in. Everything is sitting on it's own will power now.

    Front left and right are put back together.

    Lesson of the day? If I'm going to smash a bolt with a hammer, I should have used a nut on the end to keep the end of the bolt clean. Oh well, I'll do get a kit tomorrow to clean up one of the bolts to put the nut back on.

    I figure I have 15-20 hours left.

    Rear end (Tomorrow) - 6 hours. I need to either drop the subframe along with the diff and axles, or get the lateral link bolt out so that I can just swap the brakes etc on. Either way. Diff needs to be dropped and swapped. Then I can put the new diff in along with the exhaust.

    Mount intercooler + put on accessories - 2-4 hours depending on how well I labelled everything and from what I remember of what goes where. Previous pictures will be a huge help in this case. Also cutting up the crash bar and having some reinforcements welded onto it so that I keep my crash bar. This is a family wagon after all.

    Electrical - 10 hours. Honestly, I'll have the interior apart and the old electrical out in 3 hours. The latter 7 I'm accounting for the fact of putting in the old harness and doing a bit of electrical work. Things that need to be swapped over are the HVAC is completely different, the mirror controls move from the centre console to the door, heated seats, sunroof... and I think that's it.

    Really miss driving a boosted vehicle. And in the downtime of this swap, really miss driving this vehicle. It's going to be awesome to get on to the road again.

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    6.5 hours!

    Mind you, I don't know if I can call it "complete" for the rear end. I still have to take apart the rear hubs to route the e-brake cable. Honestly... I was dreading removing the wiring harness. Ended up being not so bad. But I am absolutely dreading taking this thing apart for a stupid e-brake cable.

    Routed out the wiring harness again, its so hard to keep this thing organized. It's like unpacking Christmas lights after a kindergarten kid put them away.

    Otherwise, out with the old rear subframe.

    And in with the "new" one..

    Got the rear diff in which I'm really happy about, though it took way more time than it should have. Awkward to maneuver.

    Forester drive shaft vs Sti drive shaft. The Forester shaft is about 3-4" longer due to a shorter tranny.

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    My garage... I'm getting it back!

    Selling off old stuff I easily paid off the buy back from the vehicle, and I kept the major things for myself.

    So tomorrow I'm debating whether I want to tackle the e-brakes and just get them out of the way, or go right into the harness. I need to get a new exhaust gasket before I toss on the new Fujibitsu cat-back, but man... it's nice to have a garage where you can actually walk in it.

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    man your progress is amazing

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    I feel like I'm making this build thread for your Kenny, haha, thanks for the comments.

    1.5 hours so far - about to take a break and go for a walk with my wife, kid and dogs. But pretty happy with the time put in so far today.

    Started up on the interior - ripped out the chairs. Oh the things you find from previous owners. I'm actually stoked about this not for the sake of pulling the wiring and redoing it, but rather the fact that I am going to have THE cleanest carpets after it's done. Everything will be wiped, vacuumed.. anything and everything I can do to make the interior smell good and look good.

    And not too bad! I don't know the day I started to pull the engine, but this is my first oopsie. Which isn't even that bad. I'm honestly accident prone.. the fact I haven't been to the hospital yet is pretty good.

    Dash half apart.

    And out!

    The fact that I got the dash out this time without destroying everything in sight is pretty good for me. The Impreza dash I needed to get out for the sake of wiring.. and I should have been more careful so that I could learn how to do it properly for when I did the Forester. But alas, I went rage style and tore it out in pieces.

    I've got 3-4 more hours I can put in again tonight. That MIGHT be enough to remove the Forester harness and put in the 207 harness.

    And that means... I'm pretty close to starting this up and driving it out of my garage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshP2002 View Post
    I feel like I'm making this build thread for your Kenny, haha, thanks for the comments.
    Fine! Un-subscribed!

    Keep the updates coming!
    Quote Originally Posted by LOLJDM View Post
    Rob with an awesome post as always.

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    I took a dash apart once and damn near broke every god damn plastic tab lol

    Things didn't quite fit the same when I went to put shit back together.
    2010 Jeep SRT8 aka Boris / 2G Toyota 4Runner (22RE) aka Gandalf / 4G 4Runner (2UZFE) aka Blacky Chan / 2007 CBR600RR (race bike)

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    Ya, dashes are devious. I'm surprised I got this one out as cleanly as I did. A lot of unbolt one thing, give it a tug, see where it stresses, find another bolt... repeat.

    Quote Originally Posted by AudiInProgress View Post
    Fine! Un-subscribed!

    Keep the updates coming!
    Lol, sorry Rob. Heres one for you..

    I left the front seats out so you could fit - I'll take you for a rip once this is done and tuned

    I didn't get any more time in yesterday, ended up going to a BBQ. Needed a day off anyways. I really want to dedicate a day to wiring, from pulling out the old one to putting in the new one, so that I have a reference as I go along. If I pull out the old one right now I have memory and some photos to go off of.. this IMO will be far easier.

    So small aesthetic update for today. Here are the Brembos painted black, touched up a few spots where the paint didn't stick due to brake fluid.

    My stickers I got from BetaCuts in Calgary. They are legit Brembos, I have no issues doing this.

    Really happy with the quality. Went with something close to pewter, really nice finish with just a bit of sparkle.

    Rear caliper stickers were slightly too long (My bad, not his) but they still look good IMO.

    One coat of hi-temp clear. I'll put on a few more coats.

    Now that I have the stickers on I'm really happy I went with black. There were a few hurt feelings when I painted the original orangish gold, and some second guessing on my own part.. but I think they look great. Not TOO eye catching but for someone walking along and wondering if my vehicle can actually go fast or not... now at least they know I'll be able to stop fast.

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    Well I haven't had the time I wanted to spend on it over the last week, but I did get (And am getting) some stuff done today.

    Pulling off the fenders and placing them in a safe spot.. today is the day. Wiring harness day.

    Starting to get exposed.

    And the first bit.. out!

    Starting to get the drivers side cleaned up

    And a few things back in their place.

    Now that I know what to expect from having to take apart the last vehicle, starting this one was a lot easier.

    Then I got to these.. seriously thought it was going to put a big delay in my day. You need to remove airbag module to get the rest of the dash out = getting the rest of the wiring harness out.

    Thank goodness for grinders and vice grips.

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