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Thread: Hot Fozz

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    That video was great. lol
    Quote Originally Posted by LOLJDM View Post
    Rob with an awesome post as always.

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    Can barely hear what you are saying after the vehicle starts, haha. Good on you for tackling a project like this. Few and far between do we have people nowadays tackling a project like this and spending the time to research. Hell even I couldn't be bothered with wiring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AudiInProgress View Post
    That video was great. lol
    I was pretty stoked.

    And thanks Sanjay, it's been a big undertaking. Not that I expected any less. I was telling a friend recently.. it seems weekly something comes up and I think "Is today the day? Is it the day I fail myself and have to ask for help, or bring it in?" - seriously, happens often enough. End up taking a break and then tackling it again.

    Case and point..

    After that video I did another start up and let it idle for a bit. I wanted to see the temp come up to regular and the fans to kick on. As I was watching the engine it started smoking - and then fluid (What looked like oil) was pissing onto the ground. Shut it off right away and checked the oil - oil was just above the low line. And I had just changed it too.

    Anyways.. try and diagnose it. Pretty hard to figure out where the leak is coming from but there's probably a quarter cup of it on the ground now as it runs down the engine. Went and worked on the brakes for a bit - then came back to it. Realized it wasn't oil but rather power steering fluid (Thank goodness). Not ideal, but better than oil.

    Look at it again and see fluid pulled in this area,

    So I top up the oil to the full line anyways and start it up. Sure enough it's coming from the banjo bolt.

    And I needed a gasket which I found on a diagram later on, this little guy. Interesting gasket.

    Put the gasket on, installed the bung bolt for the removed AFR sensor and cleaned up the engine bay from left over fluid. Started it up again. Sounds WAY better, and no more smoke/pissing fluid.

    Electrical upfront is coming along,

    And the brakes.. I'm starting to understand them. Getting the old/new ebrake cable in is a bit of a pain.

    A lot of little springs and such.

    And get this.. blows my mind. These two bolts? Ya, that's what holds the engine in. Crazy hey?

    Otherwise put my front and rear seats back in too.

    I won't be putting in carpet or even most of the dash for probably a couple of weeks. I want to ensure everything is running well and right now I have easier access then if I were to put it all back on.

    There's a big Subaru meet in Sylan on June 24th. Plan to have it driving with an alignment by then. What's left, and the order I'm tackling it.

    1. Finish e-brake cables
    2. Bleed brakes
    3. Put wheels back on
    4. Drive it/Get alignment

    Scary how close it is.

    But that's not even near the end of the project. Before the 24th I need to..

    1. Wire in door windows/mirrors/speakers
    2. Figure out the sunroof (Impreza didn't have one, Forester does)

    And then once I'm back from Sylvan,

    1. Replace rad with upgraded rad, install fans
    2. Replace clutch
    3. Figure out the electrical on how Ill be running HVAC.

    A lot of the HVAC on the Impreza was cable driven. The Forester is much more digital.

    After that I'll get my friend to road tune it and we will be going from 16.5lb of boost to 18-19 depending on how the vehicle enjoys it. Should be in the 330-350AWHP range at that point. I'll have to get a dyno run/tune done at some point as well.

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    Quick video of it running too, just noting the exhaust tone. Still loud in the garage but it's a nice rumble.

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    I can't even build a shelf as fast as you've swapped the engine out lol
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    ^--- haha, you must be shopping at Ikea!

    Honestly I'm pretty lucky. I'm a Realtor and stay at home dad - generally most of my clients are evenings/weekends, but it let's me have some good quality time. Try and put in an hour or 5 here and there, usually only get in two-three days a week. Definitely a push right now.

    My son was asleep for a bit (Tuckered after a massive gym session, ya buddy) so I got a few things put back on, just quick and simple. Honestly I feel like with electrical you can make leaps and bounds but it doesn't look like much. Slap a fender on and boom, massive progress.

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    I love these faded engine bay shots,

    Looking forward to doing one once I have the entire car complete and driving.

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    Well, my e-brakes have REALLY been frustrating me. I didn't realize Subaru's had surgeons on hand for their brakes, because these are a huge PITA to get done.

    Since I swapped over my hub I had to take the e-brake out of the old hub and put it into the new one. On the Impreza I got fed up and used a grinder and just sawed them off.


    This is the culprit of my agony. It's a small bolt with a T end. The cap has an insert that the T goes into, then you twist it and it stays in place. The issue is that between the spring, pushing it in, getting the T to actually go in and then twisting it 90* is really frustrating. I found the best way to do it was to put a 12mm socket on the end of an extension, press into it, fiddle around and swear a lot.

    Apparently I swore enough. I got them on and finished.

    Also got tired of my dash just sitting around. Thought maybe an electrical issue I'm currently having would be solved if there was anything else in the dash I could plug in. Not really. But

    Finally getting to the rear Brembos. This is a big deal, now that the E-brakes are done.

    The big deal is.. now that the E-brakes are done I can put the calipers on. Since the calipers are on, I can add brake fluid to the master/slave cyclinders. Once that's done... I should have pressure to my clutch. I can put my wheels on and then go for a drive around the block.

    Fingers crossed tomorrow sees her on the ground and taking a gentle cruise.

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    Wow, impressive progress. I tip my hat to you... Can't wait to see the next update.

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