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Thread: Hot Fozz

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    You guys are both awesome - I highly appreciate it. Pretty sure I have a cozy garage to work in for the next bit, but if that falls through I'll give either of you a shout to see if that works. Thank you!
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    Woot woot! Heat is hot, blowers blow. Life is good.

    Thanks to everyone that offered up their garages to get this done in!

    The task,

    The work to be done..

    And the wiring.

    When I pulled the HVAC harness from the Forester harness, ANYTHING attached to the radio/HVAC harness I kept on. There's a lot of slack that can be pulled out of this, but I didn't want to touch anything until I knew that it wouldn't somehow effect the heater.

    Now that it's done I'm going to trim down on the excess wiring and get everything tucked away.

    It's pretty cool seeing the different mechanisms work without the dash on - how it transfers heat from windshield/feet/body etc and the combinations there of. That part of the wiring made sense. I still don't quite understand how it changes heat from cold to cool, to hot etc. but it works.

    That's the wiring. Anything highlighted in yellow didn't find a home - yet, but everything is still working just fine.

    Out of this ENTIRE project I think the wiring was my biggest hurdle to overcome. Swapping in an engine is moving one thing to another, reading the wiring schematics is a whole different ball game.

    Well.. that's the majority of the work. I'll put the interior back together... and then for the winter, that's the conclusion of this project. Anything from here on out will be for fun with the exception of a few odds and ends finished up.
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    Just kidding. Here's my list for the future:

    Stock wing

    Tune, followed by whatever supporting mods needed. Goal is 350AWHP.

    Fiberglass in Defi Gauges.

    This summer the first round will happen for aesthetics - powder coat the wheels, brembo brakes, intercooler piping, manifold and valve covers. While the Brembos are taken apart they'll be rebuilt which is just a natural choice.

    Tune will be done once the Koyo rad is back in - I need to get that pressure tested. Going in at 282AWHP and I feel like there's a lot more room to go.. I'll find out what it's restrictions are to break that 300 barrier and then proceed from there.
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    Great update. Nothing is like getting heat from the dash in the winter. :-)
    I know what you mean, it's really cool to see the HVAC works behind the dash, all the damper motor/doors, actuators, all work in unison when you turn the knobs. BTW, that looks like a really nice garage you worked in.

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    It was pretty cool. Figured out my Air Mix Actuator isn't working properly - it's either HOT or COLD. No mix currently. I noticed in my wiring I'm missing two things - the sun load sensor and interior temperature sensor. The temp sensor wiring is all there right up to the plug, but no sensor. It works fine, just end up tossing it on low and on the feet and it keeps the interior just about perfect.

    On to the next part, I got a little handy today. Not a huge fan of A-Pillars and the choices out there for my style forester are not great. Started this.

    Happy I kept the factory clock. Still a bit of tweaking to do, getting a few things painted black etc. Overall I'm pretty happy with it though and it's only going to get better.
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    at first i was like oh no whats h doing to his interior, but then turns it around to make it look great

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    Doing it in the dark, I was happy with the functionality. And when the sunlight came.. still pretty stoked haha. Few things to touch up on but overall I'm happy.

    A few quick snaps tonight,

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    The car looks fantastic.

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    ^--- Much appreciated!

    So I was driving home a few days ago and heard a thunk, whack, whoop, fuck. Pretty much in that order, and one of those I'm pretty sure was me.

    This rolled out from under the car..

    It should look like this.

    CEL comes on, power steering is gone. Grab the part, pop the hood and my belts are flying around. The harmonic balancer was no longer singing in harmony. Separated right on the rubber piece. Lost power steering, alternator and A/C - got home on a battery charge with no charging system.

    Had a little late night install party.

    Second issue!

    I'm tuned for 17.5lb. Recently it's been trying to get there, but hits about 15.3-15.5 and then you can see it lose pressure and go to 15lb. Assumed it was this;

    Back story is when i pulled the engine for the first time when I took of the intercool piping it was bent in. I tried to straighten it a bit and it crumbled. EVERYTHING was cleaned out to ensure no issues - but I couldn't find one at the moment so I used it. It worked well, sealed well and ran for a number of months until recently it just hasn't been boosting.

    Assuming a boost leak - turns out a buddy had one from an EJ205 in his garage, and they're a perfect match for the EJ207. Swapped over all of the sensors..

    So I just took it for a drive. Drives wonderfully, but still is not hitting 17.5lb of boost. Still incredibly enjoyable to drive, but I hate knowing that it's not perfect.. so I'll start doing a leak test and replacing all the clamps regardless to see what I can figure out.

    In the mean time, here are two videos.. one of start up and the other of just a quick rip.

    Light launch on slushy roads

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    MMMMMMMmmmmm. Your voice makes me moist.

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