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Thread: Hot Fozz

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    Hell yes. I miss the power of a relatively built EJ207, it was dyno'd at 292awhp. I'm going to be getting a new internal waste gate with a heavier spring to get a stronger hit and increase the boost from its current 16lb to 18-18.5lb to see how she sits. Should be around 330-350AWHP at that point. But.. torque is where the fun is at anyhow.

    So this is my progress, and I'm very excited. Pulled off the crash bar and found a great mounting point for the FMIC. Tossed on the front bumper and started working with that to get everything lined

    Wasn't a huge fan of the upside down T, and I really do want to get the maximum amount of air flow hitting that intercooler.

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    This is where she sits right now. I got my tinting done at Zombie Tinting, a guy named Corey in Leduc. Did all the windows for $200 with lifetime warranty. Killer guy, phenomenal price and awesome results. Not affiliated, but good word is due when good service is provided.

    Dropping her off for paint tomorrow. This will give me time to start the tear down of the old Impreza and rip out the tranny, maybe the engine too. I want to get rid of the shell so I have some room in my garage again.

    Man, wrenching on cars is therapeutic - until you lose the 10mm, but seriously, otherwise it's great.

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    Not a huge update, just progress. More than I expected to get today honestly.

    Dropped the Fozz off with a fellow to make aesthetically pleasing I'll get it back on or before the 17th, I'm incredibly excited to be posting up that update when it happens.

    In the mean time - put together my engine hoist, and started tearing into the Impreza. This is all a first for me - between youtube, other builds and an overwhelming unjustified confidence I'm tackling this head on. My belief with anything is if you set your mind to it and know how to use google, you can accomplish anything.

    This is where I left off the engine as I worked on the Fozz.

    Ripped out the old catback in preparation for the new catback once the engine etc. is moved over.

    And now everything is basically ready - I need to unbolt the downpipe, get the tranny/engine separated and then lift her out.

    May not have time over the next few days (Honestly thinking what's the rush right now.. 2 whole weeks without my Fozz is killing me a little. I miss her) but regardless I plan on tackling this portion by the weekend. Then replace a few gaskets while it's out too.

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    Been watching this thread over on WSC too, I think it's awesome you're tackling this with Youtube University. Almost inspires me to attempt something like this myself, need some actual garage space first and then I can plan on building something.

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    Taking it apart is easy, and I'm labelling/photographing most every connection to insure I get them all back in the same spot. A bolt comes out of one spot, the bolt goes back in the same spot.. should be good to go.

    My prior mechanical know-how was brakes, struts/springs, control arms and mostly bolt ons. This was my last project, from stock to this -

    But she's long gone, sold (And funny enough up for sale again). But this is my first time really diving in to the engine and performance side.

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    Hell ya!!!

    So excited for this update,

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    Going with a quick re-spray? Like a maaco job?

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    As good as it looked in the photos prior, there were a few dents and blemishes. All of those have been repaired and then ya a respray on top to go all black. No need to do the interior or jams as it's going to be the same colour. Should be pretty minty after!

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    Sweet. Hopefully it's done at a good place.

    I've seen some gnarly maaco jobs where the paint isn't sprayed properly around the window trim and it starts peeling months later.

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