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Haha, you pretty much got it covered.

Honestly sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to a indirectly fired/process heater being classified as a boiler. It depends on how the company initially submits their registration approval, and how ABSA interprets it.

The thing with a HRSG is that at some point it is directly fired. Whether it is the GT in a GT setup or the Aux firing on it, etc. The flue gas ends up boiling the water.

I think Vic is referring to slave steam as something that uses the waste heat from lets say a Hydrocracking process to make steam through an exchanger, usually those vessels require no ticket, or a 4th at the most.

We have two glycol heaters at my job which are rated as a 1st Class Power Plant, if you see them, you would never think they were.
You got it. It's still heat recovery steam generation. But it's just a tube and shell exchanger with BFW on shell side. And hot process fluid on the tube side. Makes 50# steam. Syncrude had to fight with ABSA for a long time to be able to credit us hours for 4th class.