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Thread: Section 57 Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device Reduction Question

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    Default Section 57 Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device Reduction Question


    I received a $233.00 Ticket for failing to obey a traffic control device(Section 57) back in October and the officer advised I speak with the Crown in order to get the ticket reduced by 100 bucks or so...

    I went in and spoke with the First Appearance Crown, and she made a sarcastic comment about how she can't magically reduce tickets with a snap of her fingers. She mentioned that if it was a speeding ticket, she could reduce it by knocking down the speed on the ticket.

    I have a court date coming up in May, and was wondering what related fine the officer was thinking of when he advised to speak with the Crown and have it reduced by 100?

    If I remember correctly from my last ticket(10 years ago), I can speak with the crown the morning of the trial date, and attempt to get the lower fine?


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    If there's a lesser offense within the same category, they can lower the fine that way. But if that's the lowest offense, they can't reduce the actual fine/$$ amount.
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