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Thread: All-in-One Computers School Me

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    Default All-in-One Computers School Me

    The GFs laptop is on its last legs and plans to replace it. I would like a desktop but they are "big, clunky and ugly" according to said GF. He current laptop has a dust ring around it as it has sat in the same spot for the better part of the 4 years we have been dating. So we compromised on a AIO computer. However im at a loss when it comes to them, ideally i would like it to be a general surf and email computer but also have the ability to play some games should i feel like firing up my old steam account at some point. Any help and or direction on this would be welcomed.

    Edit; Is it possible to run multiple monitors off of an AIO
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    Just an idea but maybe a small form factor would be an option, they are small and hide-a-ble but at least you can pick what goes in them. I have an all in one I bought for a very specific, light lifting task and I would never buy another unless it was a Mac and thats because I am a self professed Apple Sheep. But the AIO I have is soooooo limited. Maybe some of the higher end ones are much better
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    AiO's are honestly garbage. All of them. Doesn't matter what manufacturer.

    I second the SFF PC.

    In fact, I have a nice one for sale, cheap. *wink*

    Or you can go ULTRA compact. Either "Intel NUC" or "Gigabyte BRIX" are both good choices. They're literally the size of a wallet, and super powerful. They bolt right to the back of a monitor.
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    Edit; Is it possible to run multiple monitors off of an AIO
    Depends on the outputs, like if it has any extra HDMI or 'DisplayPort' ports.

    DPs look like this, look for the logo.

    As far as GPU performance, you'll probably be stuck with whatever is built in (probably GPU on the motherboard only) because jamming in any aftermarket GPU likely wont fit anywhere.

    All in one's are really meant for the needs of a secretary, not a gamer.

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    AIO's "typically" run laptop hardware minus the battery. I have seen a few, such as a gateway that run desktop hardware, but you're stuck with either "onboard" graphics or some other shitty small form factor card. The gateway was basically a 1/2 height of a SFF with no room for a sff add-on card (PCI or PCIE) even though it had slots, bolted to the back of a monitor and put under the same back cover. Hell you could unplug the HDMI to the attached monitor and connect a different one.

    But ya.. unless you're doing office admin type work, and have no plans of gaming or upgrading anything other than HDD and maybe RAM, stay away. Plus they have non-standard PSU's so that would be a pita to get a replacement for if it ever pops.

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