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Thread: Are forums dying?

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    Quote Originally Posted by graphite View Post
    I know I've been gone for a few years, but I can't believe how dead this community has become.
    I hit the "whats new" button and got 16 threads with new posts total, i can not remember the last time i came to the forum and there was two pages of new posts even after several days away. however when I hit the "whats new button" on and i got 72 threads with new posts this morning

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    Jeeze, I've only been gone for 3 years. How did 780 turn into this.. Shame on all of you!

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    Ha. It's kind of sad - I used to really enjoy this forum, drama or not. There was definitely a bigger presence. I think this was my first true forum.
    Quote Originally Posted by AudiInProgress View Post
    MMMMMMMmmmmm. Your voice makes me moist.

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