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Thread: Are forums dying?

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    Quote Originally Posted by specialzed View Post
    Kids coming here with honest questions about vehicles that they had just bought/planned to buy would repeatedly be told to either search for their answer or treated like they were idiots by all the old heads here with their ridiculously harsh ways of giving advice. People also got banned for their opinions a lot too which makes no sense seeing as this is a discussion forum.
    I've been here for a while, and this chunk of text summarizes the demise of this forum.

    Too bad, this used to be a fun place.

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    the banning spree of hot and horny admins is what killed this forum.

    **Edit looks like im not the only one that thinks that
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    Quote Originally Posted by Terminator View Post

    I just don't see the reason to do this. Sure it probably didn't cause any damage...but......why?

    Just the amount of work it would take to clean the car would make me not want to do it. Can you imagine how much shit is in the engine compartment, suspension, etc? No thanks.

    Jamie - Spends more time cleaning his tool rather than using it..

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    The only thing that keeps this forum relevant may be the fact that it organizes a season opener and closer car show. Mark Seto and Rep Media killed this forum when they went full mod mode in 2013. I would love to see the traffic numbers from March 2013 compared to 2015 and 2017.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NotZhao View Post
    The only thing that keeps this forum relevant may be the fact that it organizes a season opener and closer car show. Mark Seto and Rep Media killed this forum when they went full mod mode in 2013. I would love to see the traffic numbers from March 2013 compared to 2015 and 2017.
    I think it was late in 2013 that the increased moderation came in. I don't know the numbers, but it only recently (within last few months) feels noticeably quieter. From what iAvery says, it sounds like the crackBook and InstaTard pages have gained a lot of traction, so perhaps it's just a shift.
    As for the pre-2013 forum... I'm not certain that everyone would've continued for another few years. How long can people really think "maybe it's becuz your GAY" being the first answer to every question ever posted in any section is funny? It's hilarious for awhile, but I don't think it has the staying power of 3+ years, thread after thread after thread, every time a person opens New Posts it's just a pile of inside jokes and retarded insults.
    Consider my350Z.com as an example. It seems like it's just five friends that speak a secret language to each other in Off Topic and the hilarious, angry guys don't even bother responding to the "I'm gonna put a turbo in for $2k and race for pinks" threads, anymore. There was no increase in moderation, there.
    This thread is about forums in general and it does definitely seem like they are losing out to Facebook, which is too bad because as others have said, searching on Facebook pages is terrible compared to forums and there are many other drawbacks.

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    Forums have been overrun by a bunch of liberal weenies, and usually end up dying when a large enough group of them get together to circlejerk each other while keeping everyone else out.

    It really kills the desire to post on forums. And places like 780 are so general interest, they are more "lifestyle" forums then car forums. Which is fine.

    People love instagram specifically because they don't have to have opposing opinions foisted on them. They just look at pretty pictures with stupid tag lines and like it, thats it. A very passive system. Facebook is mildly better, but still way worse with its one sentence answers to everything.

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    I think there is also a budget difference... with how finances have changed for a lot of people with the drop that occurred in the oilfield there was a lot of project cars that kind of just disappeared.

    Another thought is it isn't always loosing interest as you grow older but sometimes loosing out on the want vs need list. I'd still love to have an Evo 6-8 but seeing that I'll need a second car seat in my vehicles fairly soon the car seems like it might be a bit on the small side with two car seats put in the back. It's something I want but I need the room, but it allows me to took at other things with interest, I keep thinking an Airtrek Turbo R would be a fun compromise and they are almost old enough to import. I still refuse to buy a minivan no matter how practical they actually are .
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    Quote Originally Posted by carman View Post
    i posted a pic of a hipster in a Mumford and sons ticket sale thread. banned.
    Bandwagon much???

    There were no bans unless multiple warnings were given.

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    As you can see in my profile, I'm more of someone who sits in the back and enjoy following the discussions, and I do enjoy them, pre and post 2013. There aren't many general car forums dedicated to Edmonton and surrounding areas, I'd hate to see 780tuners goes away.

    So how can we make it better?

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    i got banned for spotting a red Kio Rio
    But the big difference between a right winger writing for a right wing media source, and left winger writing for a left wing source. Is that everything he wrote here is true and factual, not just somebodies opinion piece that is spinning vague facts to try and support their poorly thought out opinion.

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