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Thread: Investing in crypto currencies

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterMan View Post
    And if I had bought a bunch at 600$ when I was looking at it, but didn't do it because of all the hurdles in the way at the time, I'd still be laughing all the way to the bank.

    Here's what I want to know. Is there anything to stop me from just contracting some programmers off Fiverr and making my own damn crypto? I'll just mine the first 5 million coins myself once the program is up and running, then release it publicly and let the traders drive the price up a bit before cashing out and going to live in Asia like a king for the rest of my life.
    Only that fiverr can be damn expensive. We made a listing on fiverr for what would be <30 minutes of effort for someone experienced in what we needed written up. Quotes were coming in at $2k+ and they wanted to by-pass the fiverr payment system and operate outside of it. The more realistic numbers were in the $35-50 range and still wanted to operate outside of fiverr.
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    Fiver turned into such a bait-and-switch tactic.
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    I've yet to have anyone try and bypass Fiverr. It hurts their business since they get no review or ranking from the work they did for you.

    In any sense, that's beside the point. How do a few of us 780 bros make a douchecoin and get rich?

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