So after many failed attempts at getting an interesting project to work on the last few years I finally got my paws on something "spend worthy".
Sorry this may end up being a long winded post.

After getting rid of my 240 years ago i never thought id find anything I really liked working on ever again. I put thousands of hours into maintaining my 240, and keeping its clean-ish and then stupid me got rid of it for a hurtin 300Zx. Oh well shit happens i moved on, got married finished school, bought a house, had a kid ect ect ect ect. But now, this has my gears turning in ways i haven't felt in quiet a few years, so ive decided this car deserves some real elbow grease.

1992 BMW 325I E36 4dr
I picked up this car in shambles. It was a naked shell no doors or trim or panels and ive slowly put it back together in my spare time, and now i have an LS swap ready to be rebuilt, turboed, basically a list of parts for this build. So now its sitting waiting till the end of this month (June) for me to rip out the M50 engine and shoe horn this V8 into it. Ive always really wanted to LS swap and cage a vert-E36 or E30.

So at the current moment this budget build is looking like this (but im sure this will keep changing)

325 Cubic Inches consisting of LM/LS/LQ parts
Cheap th350 or th400 (for now)
Turbo or twins, parts parts and more parts, and them some tuning.
Some decent seats and interior.
Some clean, classy looking body parts
suspension, steering, fuel cell, tube front.

Its looking like bmw parts are down in price now, so finding all this stuff on a budget is way easier than it used to be.
if anyone has some stuff lying around feel free to let me know.

now for some sad pictures