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Thread: What plays a bigger role in your vehicle choice/purchase? Interior or Exterior?

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    It's gotta be a balance. Thick steering wheel on the interior is a must for control, and quad exhaust on the exterior for looks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by krmitlovesbacon View Post
    I was implying for new vehicles I didn't think anyone on here(780ballerz) bought used
    I have no idea how someone would come to the conclusion you were talking about new vehicles from your title and original post Makes way more sense now though haha.

    I like ugly/weird cars. But interior is super important from a comfort/convenience standpoint. If the way I interact with a vehicle bugs me everytime I sit on it, it drives me mental. That's why I test EVERYTHING on test drives and they usually take 1+ hour.

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    Exterior is the obvious answer. The interior has to be good and/or comfortable to go through with a purchase. But you don't even get to the point of checking out a car if you don't like the exterior look of it in the first place.

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    Just take away the point of the meme. The car... different strokes, I guess.

    p.s. exterior for me. I wasn't a fan of the interior of the STi -it was boring and utilitarian. The stereo sucked donkey balls too. But man, every time I got out of that thing, I always admired the look of it especially with the volks on it.
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