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Thread: First Time Home Buyer: What to look for in a Realtor???

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    Default First Time Home Buyer: What to look for in a Realtor???

    What should one look for/ask when looking for a realtor?

    We already know which home we'll be purchasing most likely, if that makes a difference?

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    I've worked with this realtor for 21 years and he's always been working for us, not against us. He's sold 4 homes for my family and helped us purchase 3.

    He's nearing retirement, but still taking on work. Highly recommended.
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    Thai Banh could easily do this for you.

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    I'll shoot you a message, I'm a licensed Realtor as well.
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    Rob with an awesome post as always.

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    Used Rob Smashnuk to purchase our second home, didn't wan't to reuse the first realtor. But we would gladly use Rob again.

    And we have now used Jay Kelly's services 3 times now. Purchase and the renewal of the first house and now also purchasing the second house. However if your at this point you probably already have a broker.
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