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Thread: New generic what car should my gf buy thread.

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    Default New generic what car should my gf buy thread.

    I'm trying to help her out but I haven't done any reasearch into your generic daily driver cars.

    She is coming from an early 2000's civic that she has had forever.
    She is interested in a new car.
    So far she has just started researching. She said she was interested in civics, jettas, golf, focus, fiesta, etc. so just your generic daily driver style cars. She has expressed some interest in some of the sportier options, st for focus and fiesta and FYI for Jetta, etc.

    Any cars she should or shouldn't consider? Any general advice?
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    What does she value or want? Does she want a hatchback or sedan?

    Pretty tough to beat the Civic hatchback (1.5 turbo) or the mazda3 hatch (especially the GT model). These cars are both sporty enough but not quite hot hatches like the FiST or FoST.

    You will have to narrow down a budget or list of wants or needs.

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    The price of the Mazda 3 Hatch is pretty hard to beat, considering it's pretty nice for what you pay for.
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    civic, maz3, focus, corolla, obviously she doesn't care too much or she would already have a preference. I would find the cheapest one, drive it, see if it's okay, then go to the most expensive one, much difference? No? Go with cheapest one.
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    No desire for a GT86 or Genesis coupe or anything like that?
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    Ford Focus or Hyundai Elantra

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    Price range is up to 35,000 or so.
    We did some test driving today.
    The focus and fiesta seem like junk vs the civics to her and me.
    We also went to the Acura and looked at the ILX's which seem to be a nice step up from the civics. I think her favorite so far of what we've seen is the ILX

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    For a basic car I would hands down be looking at either Civic or Mazda 3. They bumped up the power in the base Civic to the point it's actually liveable now. And the Mazda already had reasonable power. But they did finally release the new Civic SI. Definitely worth a look.

    Of course an Acura would be a nice step up. However a base model ILX(only Acura you're getting for your price range) isn't worth the extra cash over a Loaded Civic SI if you ask me.

    The Ford options. Sure they look decent on paper when you see the specs. Then you get in it and drive the thing, and you're like, Wow! what a piece of fucking garbage. Sounds like you've already figured that one out for yourself. I'd buy a Chevy Cruze before either of the Fords.

    Golf GTI. Nice looking car. Pretty good all around. But personally I just feel it's too expensive for what you get. Value wise it is just so damn hard to beat the Mazda and Honda. Plus the reliability of the Honda can't be ignored, especially if she is the type to drive a car for 15 years like her last one.

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    $35K? Used Golf R.
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