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Thread: New generic what car should my gf buy thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zhao View Post
    I guess in the span of this thread, My wife and myself decided we should ditch her old 3 series and look at something else. We were looking between 7g and 30g for something in the 5 years old to brand new range.

    What we sorta narrowed it down to was a fiat 500 (as the absolute cheap as fuck reliable newish car option. There is a 2015 sport auto with 50000km in calgary for $7500), because that's her dream car, but she wasn't sure of it in winter and kinda wanted something 4 door. We also found a 2014 fiat 500L as a better winter car for $11000 obo with 50000km also. looked at that last night and while it is a hell of a deal, and she likes that it has crazy good visibility she was still on the fence about another used car and she didn't like that it takes premium and gets similar mileage to her e90.

    We considered all the usual cheap cars, civics, corollas, mazda 3s..... but honestly no one is buying the entry level manual version that the price attracts you to looking at them, and the discount on these things suck. 25g is what we'd end up spending on one of these things out the door.......

    I also continue to be a fan of my tried and true method of hitting up a luxury dealership. Now usually I like acura for bang for buck (my mom got a new RDX for 38g after tax, when MSRP was 42 on it.... that's cheaper than a rav4 or crv), but somehow I ended up looking at Lexus CT200h's (I literally did not even consider this car a week plus ago). We looked at a used one for 17900 at norden, which is actually in pretty good shape for a 2012, and i figure they'd probably take 16500 for it. the fuel economy, and being a lexus attracted us to it, and while I wouldn't pick one for myself as my only car, for the wife it's actually pretty good.

    But then I figured why not look at new... and these things are priced pretty well for the base model. So we came to the conclusion we should look at a new base model CT200H. 6 year warranty (8 years 160000km on the hybrid shit), great gas mileage. Lexus is willing to discount these things too as they are not a hot seller and are about to get discontinued in north america (they're still going to sell them overseas).

    So I negotiated and ended up putting a deposit on a white one tonight. As far as I'm concerned 30g for this thing is a no brainer. So that's what I'd recommend considering, because it's what we narrowed it down to for the most bang for buck car we could think of.

    THx to viktimize i had cup holders on the mind, and it has a real arm rest, not the IS350 bs.

    I actually like those little cars. Way cooler than a Fiat that's for sure. I just hear how gutless they are. But obviously the wife doesn't care about that if her dream car was a Fiat. Probably made a good choice there. Interested to know how the gas mileage is with the hybrid stuff.

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    The GF seems like she wants to buy a golf now. How do you guys go about haggling with the dealers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dieseldakota View Post
    The GF seems like she wants to buy a golf now. How do you guys go about haggling with the dealers?
    Brand new or used? Honestly, Ryan from Gary Moe VW in Red Deer is the best guy to buy from. Just tell him you got referred from (car forum out of calgary).

    Every VW dealer in Edmonton that I have been to tries to tack on what they call "the Alberta Package" which is essentially about 1000$ worth of overpriced accessories (mud flaps, floor mats etc).

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    Check into the AMVIC regulations ahead of time... there are plenty of fees, like destination charges, admin and the rest, that are basically bogus. The only thing they can make you pay on top of the advertised price (flyer ad, online, etc) is GST.

    Get quotes from a couple places and use them as leverage.
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