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Thread: Sargeant's Roofing

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    I had initially intended to go with a metal roof on the house and standard shingles on the garage... but with a gross mis-estimation by the company I had lined up decided to abandon those plans and company and go with a standard roof on both instead.

    When I mentioned what had happened to my realtor he suggested Sargeant's Roofing so I gave them a call.

    When Adam showed up he had the estimate in my e-mail before he even finished climbing down the ladder then he took the time to explain the estimate. He also ensured things like the color were correct and point out anything else that stood out while looking around, such as the condition of some of the bricks on the chimney or the flashing around the skylight.

    Fast forward to Tuesday evening and they dropped off a few things so they could get to work without delay Wednesday morning. They surrounded the house and garage with tarps to catch anything that didn't land in the dump trailer and got at it. The roof is pretty simple being a older bungalow with a low pitch but it's pretty large sqft roof. They promised they would be in and out in the same day. Even with a delay in the delivery of the singles they kept to that and had everything cleaned up and taken away before it even got dark.

    They did a great job and keeping the mess on either the tarps or in the dump trailers. To be honest my gutters and yard are actually cleaner than before they showed up. They even went to my neighbours to ensure no nails or anything landed in their yards sweeping with magnets etc. At my other place when my neighbour had his roof redone I found well over 50 nails in my yard would have loved if that roofer had cleaned up after himself especially with a then 3yo running around.

    Everyone on the crew was also quite friendly.

    When it comes time to do my investment property I'll definitely be calling on them again.
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    That's a good sign. Any roofer I've hired must have a side deal where they are paid a bonus per dropped nail. Gutters absolutely clogged with them, at the base of the foundation, my yard, neighbor's yard, neighbor's gutters, a path to the road, fuckin EVERYWHERE! I keep finding them YEARS after. Ridiculous.
    These guys sound great.

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