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Thread: Dodge Durango vs Ford Explorer vs Jeep Grand Cherokee vs ????

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    Default Dodge Durango vs Ford Explorer vs Jeep Grand Cherokee vs ????

    The girlfriend and I have been talking about picking up an SUV in the next couple of months. We both like the look of the new style Dodge Durango, but what else is out there, that is a direct competitor.


    Seating: 5+
    Drivetrain: AWD
    Transmission: Auto
    Cargo space: Big enough to hold a stroller, plus all other baby necessities
    Price: Under $35K

    There is routinely 4 adults plus baby in the vehicle. So the optional 3rd row seating would be a nice bonus.

    New or used is fine with us, if it's used, I'd prefer fairly low mileage (under 50K if possible).

    What SUVs for my needs as well as the price range?

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    I'm not sure how new/used you are looking for, but my wife and I are expecting our first, and just picked up a Cadillac SRX and really really like it. Ours has the power folding 3 rd row, and the second row is huge. 4.6 northstar V8, AWD and all the goodies.
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    Not as big, but a used Lexus RX350 could be in the mix.
    Ask yourself how often you will honestly have FOUR adults, plus the kid in there.

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    A couple friends recently went through this and they went with the Toyota Highlander. All the options, seating for 5 in the rear, captain's chairs, etc. I think they got into one new for a shade under $38K. I'm sure you can find a *very* lightly used one within your budget.

    Maybe even a 4Runner? but those usually charge a premium where deals are hard to come by. Just saw this one - not sure why it's so cheap for the kms:
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    Quote Originally Posted by JugZ View Post
    Not as big, but a used Lexus RX350 could be in the mix.
    Ask yourself how often you will honestly have FOUR adults, plus the kid in there.

    Way more often than I thought I would. As we currently have a 2008 Ford Fusion and a 2011 RAM QuadCab (Centre console with shifter).

    I could get rid of my truck and get one with the front bench seat. But it would be much more convenient to be able to store all the baby stuff etc. inside the vehicle for easy access versus in the box of the truck...etc.

    I'd also want the SUV to be able to tow over 5K lbs, in case I decided to get rid of the truck, which I bought because I had a motorcycle and quad at the time.

    I'd like to be able to maybe tow a small travel trailer if possible.

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    Sounds like a Yukon XL is the only plausible choice here. Outside of just getting a minivan that is. Look on kijiji and find a Yukon in a year range that meets your budget.

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    There are many offerings from Volvo, Audi and many others that would fit the bill. My biggest suggestion wold be to stay away from anything North American
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    Im pretty sure Chris has built more, raced/driven more faster cars then 99.9% of the people here. he can be a shit disturber but he brings in good points.

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    My Brother-in-law has a 2015 Durango with the V6. It's not a slouch, we've done trips to Calgary in it with 4 adults without issue. He's never towed with it, but it's rated to tow I think 7000lbs or so... which surprised me, older variants with the V6 were rated at 5500lbs.

    I had an 04 Durango with a Hemi, that thing never let me down.. I even took a couple long and wide snow banks (by accident, it was dark, and they were dirty, looked like road.. and they were in the middle of a lane.. went Dukes of Hazard on them doing 50-60km/h hauling a flat deck trailer, only broke a rad mount.

    All Durangos have laminated windows (windshield like) all the way around.

    I don't have any experience with the other SUVs.. so can't comment on them

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    I would throw the new CX9 into the mix.

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