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Thread: Right angle parking

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    Default Right angle parking

    Is this legal in Edmonton? I have heard it's legal and also it's illegal. Parking enforcement, couldn't give me a straight answer. I can fit into so many more places this way.
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    im gonna guess even if it were legal the stupid ticket guys would give you a ticket as they would automatically think illegal

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    Motorcycles do it all the time. Not sure if there is specific wording in the traffic act that distinguishes between a motorcycle and a vehicle for parking scenerios.....etc.

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    pretty sure thats illegal, i have a house out west and stop at a small town there all the time. got in shit one time because i backed my car up into the angled parking spot on main street and RCMP ticket for it, that and the way that smart car is parked it could roll into traffic if the E brake gets forgotten to be engaged

    bylaw and parking enforcement has ticketed me with so much BS in this city the last 5 years i would have no doubt theyd nail for right angle parking. last year bylaw gave me a ticket for having a truck with a wheel removed and a jackstand under the axle in my own driveway because i live across a school
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