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Thread: Winter Plans...

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    Mine so far

    Spent Sept/Oct on the hunt for just the "right" winter beater so I could put "summer car" away and treat it to nice shiny things over the winter, like an intercooler.
    Acquired said winter beater and put away the [car I don't want to have prematurely ruined by corrosive winter roads].
    Winter beater crapped out a week in. Brought "summer car" back out and slapped winters on like a one man pit crew.
    November - my "summer car" gets smashed in to and written off.
    I decided to downsize and get something fun to drive year round, so I went and bought a lightly used 500 Abarth for a good deal, with studded winter tires. Jalopnik said it was a used market bargain that would have me grinning 24/7, and that it is. Then I got a door ding 4 days in to ownership, and after everything, that made me snap.

    Abarth is life, Abarth is love. I love it to bits. And now I don't even want to drive it in the winter either. I swear I'll have 3 of these cars one day all crammed in a garage meant for 2.

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